Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation Gameplay (XBOX 360 HD)

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation xbox 360 gameplay.


Tum Katowice says:

Was this game played on INVINCIBLE settings and with INFINITE weapons. Dumb shit gamers, grow up pricks!

jason4275 says:

I love this game I would pay full price for this game if it came out on PC DLC or PSN

Ner' vod says:

Loyalty until Death! Traitorous scum!

Dr. Fresh_2k says:

Husband and Daughter died…. OH thats fucked up.

Archerxtreme says:

Question for Ace Combat 6. Is it region-locked?

Sunny Vaidya says:

I love this game

Frank Conrad says:

Ooooooh yeah! Ace combat baby!!

Karl Hans says:

i cant believe this game has not gone beyond one special weapon type, so sad…

dragon4009 12 says:


Gengar Phantom says:

this game is so well made, best i ever played on this genre

prongs82 says:

lovely wife,
cute daughter,
fighter planes

my life is complete

Vesta says:

On the first mission on this game where strigon first attack gracemeria i killed every single strigon member apart from the leader who ran way and i still failed :/

johnm9billion says:

Commentary? Why aren’t you commentating, Gamezine? That’s lazyness.


look at the minute 1:30 please?……… is the MOST realistic part of the game!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

A Friendly Chaplain says:

Go dance with the Angels!

Dan Murphy , says:

that’s a sad story ;^(

Flights Worldwide 〈 Videos says:


crualityl33t says:

lol, fucking propaganda

Frag Tag Radio says:

Awesome video!!! Keep up the great work! Check out the most recent episode on our channel when you get a sec and let me know what you think.

Piotr K says:

was started by Novalogic jet flight games for PC. it was brilliant!

SubtleRhino says:

lol @11:59 you can hear Luke Skywalker calling out to R2D2

Blitz Gaming says:

thats not hd

TmacsFuckd Podcast says:

they had great story’s and gameplay. last good ace combat 3rd best but most involved story. The best told one.

Thl ago says:

fuck intro! djndçfjn go to game, just fuck this!

Matt C says:

change the view sometimes cockpit view sucks

Rage 9one says:

Namco’s biggest fail in history making a playstation game exclusive for the xbox.

TheGhost GM says:

i love Ace Combat 

josh mls says:

i want to use su 35

Faisal T.K.J says:

the last since i stop playing this when i 7…..and i cant believe i finally found it!thank god!!!

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