Absolver – Official Combat Overview

Learn more about the combat in this overview trailer for Absolver, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on August 29.

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Lorpo says:

PC!?! WOO!!! almost every good game i want is ps4 exclusive these days glad at least one game is here for me.

Space Tackle says:

ill have to pick this up on pc

Gary Hammer says:

The three schools in a nutshell

Forsaken:counter and reflect

Khalt method:Stand you’re ground

Windfall:Move like the wind and hit just as fast

Fante247 says:

That is one sexy ass voice over… Ohh the images in my head

Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth says:

Looks too good to be true, but interested

Дастан Рыскулов says:

For Honor: Good Edition

Kax says:

I hope that this won’t die on PC

RY 82 says:

for honor but better

kanzaki takumi says:

between Ps4 platform and PC platform I will choose PC even i have ps4.

bloobaaq says:

Yooo, I love the u predictability and how in depth the combat system is.

stickarama says:

oh hey, the release date is my birthday 🙂

Andrei Bolo says:

Too bad there isn’t a MMO Hack and Slash, something like Devil May Cry but MMO

Tigara Otaku says:

I was about to cry about PS4 exclusive, but hell yeah

Iam1nsane says:

Innovation in fighting game genre. About time. Been like 20 years since this genre has stalled? I hope this game finally has no input lag issues like SF5, Tekken 7, MKX and Injustice 2 have. My choice of fighting game for coming years hopefully. Absolver…..big hopes from you guys. Lots of love in anticipation.

Suraj Shaw says:

Waiting to try out the beta.

Darth Revan says:


Aza Jabar says:

Why would you go head to head with Destiny 2?

ala slipknot says:

Remember when Batman Arkham Asylum combat system became the new “wow!” thing and got picked by a bunch of other Games ?
For Honor did the same, and its gonna be really good, i can’t believe how it took so long for someone to come up with this.

tay x says:

I really want to see someone get ganked in this game and see how it plays out. like if they’re skilled enough they’ll be able to pull it off

yarego says:

will this be a fighting game? or will this be a Story game? the release is comming and I don´t know anything about this game, we´ll be able to fight.xD that´s all :S

Gregg rulz, ok says:

This looks REALLY interesting.

Javier Vera says:

shut up and take my money


This shit calls to my inner warrior more than For Honor does lol

Ta Ziel says:

Will this be the better “for honor”?
Look interesting

Taufiq Othman says:

This feels like an upgraded God Hand moveset customization plus those stands.

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