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Coming to PlayStation 4 August 29. Absolver is an online multiplayer combat RPG where players are placed behind the mask of a Prospect under control of the Guides, the new rulers of the fallen Adal Empire, who have placed you here to determine your worth in joining their elite corps of Absolvers.


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Wachomen says:


Dylan Blok says:

I’d rather compare it to Nioh with the advanced combat system, For Honor was a failure

Marvin Jennies says:

jade empire 2

Tavo Smith says:

please don’t be like for honor

turbotrup96 says:

I hate the punches’ impact – so stiff

Knight Loltrec says:

Let’s hope this doesn’t end up like For Honor

sjcodan says:

Good job editing out the fact that its also coming to PC.

light819 says:

looks like a less bs alternative to for honor

Yosua Federico says:

I love how the developers didnt add any blood effects so it looks more family friendly

Paulo César says:

Street Fight Souls, i like.

Arrownoir says:

All the classes play way too similarly.

Calvin says:

1:57 Nintendo is gonna sue. (But in all seriousness, this looks totally like my jam. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.)

Fede CARP says:

Its Hyuga Taijutsu!!

Alex Ghost says:

Drunk monkey is the best fighting style

rei kirito biel says:

legal gostei do jogo

General K says:

Definitely has that for honour feel to it hopefully its 10X better

RealWorld Gaming says:

Do you wanna be a Bender of The Four Elements then pre-order this game and become the avatar today

MightySavagE says:

the characters really get artificially pushed around a lot

AtomicPineapples says:

If this was Avatar
Forsaken- Water tribe martial arts with the ability to parry and turn
your opponents attack against them
Kahlt- Earth kingdom fighting style, stay strong and block an opponents
Windfall- Air nomad style to avoid and strike when necessary
The only thing that is missing is more of an all out offensive that
would line up with the Fire nation which would be interesting to see how
it would be done

HostileAi says:

“This video may be inappropriate to some users”


“Rated E 10+”


ϟHokagae says:


cpard2d2 says:

I have high hopes for it, looks very deep and entertaining.

bashar dairy says:

Wow this is look so boring

Mokuto Media says:

My question is this: Is blocking automatic (I hope not) or do you have to actually block a hit and know how? Same goes for parrying, dodging and absorbing.

Also, once we get deeper into the game can we mix these into our combat decks?

Lastly Are our combat deck limited to (what looks like) 4 moves per stance with one 4 stances?

Nasko K. Dimov says:

Lets just hope that there will be an option to turn off the lights when you attack

Cristian Alber says:


juan luis becquet martinez says:

God Hand?

John Zoidberqh says:

The game looks boring for 2017.

suburbannegro411 says:

Make it not be Peer2Peer and they may just have a hit.

Jair Alvarado says:

looks good but im hoping it doesnt end up like for honor.

Lone Firefly says:

I hope this doesn’t flop.

Mcjm97 says:

Is it offline too?

Grand thief says:

Looks cool

Steve Jones Gaming says:


Кабанчо Games says:

Nice video cool like

Diamond says:

where preorder ?

Captain Gregarious says:

Looks awesome.

Phil el Mago says:

dead space?

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