Abandon Ship: Combat Gameplay

In this video we take a look at examples of the variety of combat systems in Abandon Ship.

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il vecchio ragazzo says:

fantastic i’m really looking forward to this!

Raven Dark says:

Good, very good.

Vukith says:

Looks interesting but stunlocking is worrying.

Gary Rowe says:

Looks great, can’t wait to play it.

Cipher Stormwolf says:


Edu Lobo says:

I really like what I see so far

Steph Whitmarsh says:

This looks amazing!!

iridium248 says:

…That’s not how you ram!

Matt Gambell says:

Looks amazing. Can’t wait!

Abdul Kodir Rahman says:

How about wind and waves direction & speed? Did those elements affect the combat?

Morty Forty says:

inb4 FTL on water

Heroman says:

Looks pretty fun, but I hope there’s more ship variety. They all looked identical in this video. Also when you pause it it feels a little TOO still in my opinion – I think you’d benefit from having some animations going on to let you know the game isn’t frozen or something. Even a subtle glow around crew or objects, or at the least a PAUSED indication like in FTL. I mean EVERYTHING is still, which looks weird to me.

carbon0 says:

looks great!

Kishy says:

Oh damn i want this!!!

gyloir says:

This looks like great fun, can’t wait to see more and play it eventually.

charlie brownau says:

Why would it make it DX11 and not OpenGL or Vulkan ??

fade301 says:

Any plans for a gog release ?

Ynoita says:

Aaaah ! This is the kind of game that I’m looking for !

DonGurke says:

Awesome, looking forward to it. Keep it up guys.

Blitz says:

Looks like fun!

7Ampel says:

Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan’t wait to play it!! aaaaaaaaaa

charlie brownau says:

Why would you guys make it sp only , ship battles , come on , that screams multiplayer, heck cant devs use STEAMWORKS for free

machonugget says:

wow this looks brilliant fun, cant wait!

RinNowaru says:

This looks neat. added to wishlist.

ForrestFox says:

Looks awesome, althought I would have prefered more crew on each ship (even if they couldnt be manually controlled, it would be just for the immersion of a big ship with a big crew depending, or small crew)

aniforprez says:

one thing i’d like to say is the combat doesn’t look good and by that i mean the visual stuff. it doesn’t look like 2 ships fighting each other, it looks like you’re on a mildly mobile platform and they’re on a mildly mobile platform and you’re just shooting each other both completely stationary over the water

the mortar doesn’t shoots straight up but both ships ARE MOVING. either the shooting has to be at an angle or the mortar landing has to be at an angle.

the waves are at an angle toward the ships yet neither ships react to this. also the way the waves are moving makes it seem as if the ships aren’t moving at all. like they’re just stationary over one point. the waves need to move to the left to give the illusion that both ships are moving forward. try making sure the wave effects react to your movement. a simple wake at the back is not selling the illusion

combat looks great gameplay wise

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