7 Minutes of Fallout 76: Combat and Multiplayer Gameplay in 4K

Taking on a group of Scorched with some friends in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76: Real Life vs In-Game Location Comparison:

Fallout 76 Is a Strangely Lonely Multiplayer Game:

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Mmmm good says:

Lmao before they even showed this game everybody was like “Bethesda is the best” blah blah blah

Gidmoney007 says:

Should of just made a new single player fallout. Or remaster fallout 3 or new vegas.

vafant says:

The game looks like sh*t

ZERO 0 says:

1:08 this game cost 60$

The people are so lazy they dont even have moving gun animation when aiming at a target left to right what a joke.

QQEQQ says:

The only thing that made fallout 4 fun was the mods and it’s detailed world. Don’t they realise how bad their combat is ? It’s just boring

Fletch Poole says:

Wonder if this is played on an Xbox One X or just the original Xbox One…because if it is footage from an Xbox One original then we can blame the hardware more than the engine tbh lmao.

Your Friendly Yandere says:

look how the enemy just slide around on the ground lol

ProAssassin 84 says:

Bethesda. E32019. We have created a New Engine to power our games. Wins E3

InsaneCPR 22 says:

This looks worser than Payday 2 Graphics.

Darth Vader says:

This reminds me of Heroin Hero from South Park

cory100 says:

i don’t care about graphics, gameplay has to be fun this does not look fun at all.

So Mari says:

Available for Switch, right?

Seraphita Raziel says:

This game looks like crap…..

Jorge Díaz Marchena says:

Fallout 4 with multiplayer Mod so glad I canceled the preorder Bethesda so getting lazy

EBE 7 says:

How could they do this to my precious Fallout…

Alexand Thurs says:

Man, this is so boring. Fortunatly i still have Dead Island…

Luny & Milky says:

Really thrilling!!

ClarkyD says:

This doesn’t look like a game made in 2018

Max Boss says:

I’ve seen early last gen games look better. Time for new engine bethesda

J Ell says:

Play in third Person. First person makes me want to puke.

Daniel Wong says:

this looks super boring

Tariq Chaos says:

Save your money for metro exodus

Nathan Pelham says:

This is on console though. So, you can’t expect it to have the high graphic level of a new pc when the game has to try to render better than fo4 and have multiplayer

01010000 01001001 01000111 says:

Never thought id be saying this but bethesta is out of the must buy club for me. i wont be preordering the new elderscrolls when its released ill wait for reviews 15 yearold me would kick me in the nuts. fallout 4 was abit of a let down with PC warriors infecting the grim storytelling and now this.. ill wait and see what DLC they bring out but right now this is not a fallout game. The must preorder this companys game list now falls to Rockstar and CD Projekt Red. Not once has ethier let me down. Hopfully first person cyberpunk dosn’t kill it for me.

Rook Ocelot says:

As a fallout fan I’m disappointed with this game already

thomas blake says:

Bethesda fallout is a single player game it’s a huge world action rpg.that’s what we hold dear to our heart’s.how bout new Vegas 2.fallout should never be multiplayer

atLucid says:

They should have made it an expansion for fallout 4….for like 30$. Would be wayyy less of a disappointment imo

ANDY_Dick says:

Vats looks silly

the sandwich Finn says:

I wish they can make a game about the Resource War. That will be nice. Fallout have such interesting world lore but they just don’t give a damn.

Jerry Stafford says:


GreenGo Popo says:

Probably not buying if this ain’t the worst part in the game, the game needs to be full over firepower interaction combined with exploring ,amazing yet diverse land to exploit , while this seems like a boring no need of teamplay 4 years before finish kind of release thing. Really ashamed of what we see whilst fallout was really a footstep in gaming I pray to the lord the follow-up of skyrim will be as expected.. time and dedication bethesda time and dedication..

2B says:

This is a joke right?
This looks awful!
So disappointed…..

dvxAznxvb says:

This has got to be a conspiracy or something, because you choose to play this awful to trigger everyone who has played a shooter in the history of video games and to try to not spoil the game by emphasizing that you need to pick up literally everything

Matcha Mochi says:

So whose excited for borderlands 2 vr?

Frankthetank says:

I am looking at the comments and rightly so most are negative it looks average at best I cannot believe Bethesda said that there getting positive feedback I suppose they did from the knobs at the event but people who would have bought the game are a solid NO

Naz95K says:


Mr. Brightside says:

I can’t tell if this video is supposed to promote for or against the game

T. K. says:

No soy de comparar pero.. se parece al fallout 3 y parece muy aburrido

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