6 Minutes of Feudal Combat Gameplay in Nioh – E3 2016

In the land of samurai, only the strongest survive. Can you make it through the monstrous world of Nioh at E3 2016?

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Dipayan Bird Of Hermes Dey says:

This is not a Souls rip-off.


Unlike Dark Souls, this might actually be fun.

Vincent Desrosiers says:

Looks way fucking easier than that damn alpha demo…
1:23 Look at how the enemy turns around! WTF this is worst than Dark Souls 2!

Insufficient_X_ says:

I hope this will fill the void Onimusha left in me.

TadejVig says:

This can be (my) GOTY 2016. Alpha demo was great, hopefully they don’t fuck it up based on stupid peoples opinion.

Papascrub says:


Konuvis says:

I hope there’s some music in this game.

Adam Wiśniewski says:

Dragonborn and darksouls had a baby or what?

Sam steve says:

it’s look very good.

TimmacTR says:

Souls ripoff yeah, but looks pretty cool..

whadthefriggincrud says:

I like how it has the “Souls” vibe but also combat has an action/arcade feel. Very Onimusha like, and I LOVED Onimusha.

Dreacohm says:

Also, why is the hero a white guy in japan?

Niezama says:

Can anyone explain to me which Witcher elements are included in this game? Except for the main char to look like Geralt…

Ivan Dankob says:

Samurai Souls.

Darealpokgai .MacauGamer says:

so does he just have a very good armor or they actually scale down the enemy damage that much. I mean that oni at the beginning hit him so many times, in alpha demo, he should have died like 3 times already with that much hit.

Mr Soul says:

Day 1 purchase.

Dougs World says:

This game & Vampyre just look way too much of a Dark Souls/Bloodborne rip off to keep my interest. I would rather just wait for a proper From Software game developed by people with an imagination.

deletekeys says:

Looks like they nerfed the difficulty. Even if he’s above the areas level the enemies attack a lot less and it seems like there are less enemies per area.

Cablarl Kahn says:

This are reminds me of an Asian version of The Tomb of Giants. Really awesome.

zaki zaki says:

Those traps,area,and enemies.look shamelessly ripping of from souls series.

KRATOS says:

I kicked ass on the alpha demo, looking forward to this

Molten_ says:

looks like they made things much more forgiving, which I’m okay with. the demo was a bit too much

Lost Izalith says:

Kinda looks like a cross between. Dark Souls, & Onimusha.

I mean that in a good way of course.

Dreacohm says:

This game does not look harder than dark souls 3.

Jeff Lee says:

Is it a trend nowadays for people to state that they played souls games since demon souls when commenting… as such that it will add more ‘weight’ in what they are commenting??? lol
.. And if anyone who doesn’t play much souls game, does it mean their comments will be bullshit or taken as pinch of salt etc? lol

brotherscro says:

It reminds me of Onimusha can’t wait for this game to get released 😀 Posible Onimusha HD Remaster would be great 😀

CliffFitter89 says:

Well it certainly does look like a Souls game. Sigh

GamerGeekNation says:

So they took Dark Souls and added Japanese motif? o_O

zip2kx says:

the demo was trash

jin kak says:

am i the only one that think the game is easier as the last beta version?In the last beta version you get killed by 3 hits.

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