5 Ways Final Fantasy XV’s Combat Changes Everything

Final Fantasy XV is a big shake-up for the series. Here, Hollie and Rob talk you through 5 ways the new combat system changes everything.

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Jorge Chacon says:

So I’m dumb is the combat basically like kingdom hearts where you can hack and slash but you also rely on strategy

Richard C says:

Using a summon is awesome although bloody difficult to trigger.

Mike Bliss says:


Man Drake says:

It looks really cool. I was kind of worried by is huge production time but its looking good.

P3MC says:

looks super easy for my taste :/ I don’t mind the change but I can’t see any challenge here …

Rémi Savard says:

I find battles to be surprisingly intuitive, simple to grasp, yet intricately complex and, sometimes, confusing. I had a WAY harder time killing a 6-pack of lvl 5 beasties than I did killing a 3-pack of lvl 7s. Even though I was lvl4 myself. A lot of baddies at the same time mean chaos for the most part.

But other than that, the fluidity and seamlessness of the battles is simply amazing.

Sky Raven says:

It could use more fun abilities in battle. I hope they update the battle system with more capabilities you can earn as you level up or something.

dj manix says:

Would have been nice to see gambits return for this ….

teppolundgren says:

It only changes things in one way: FOR THE WORSE!!!!!!!!!

aicu kold234 says:

do you know how many link attacks you can do in the game?

JPSN Not Gaming says:

My sister was more of a turn-based type of person, I bought this as her birthday gift but she couldn’t finish it

Fallout 3 isn't that Bad says:

Prompto is my favourite character.

Richard C says:

Changed my mind.


Oscar Hernandez says:

I mean you could play on wait mode or active mode

Rodolfo Palicte says:

wondering if nintendo switch have this 🙂

Lady Sil says:

Keep seeing people say ffxii was real time no no it was not the combat was a active wait time system kinda like Chrono trigger you still waited for your attack bar and spell bar to fill before you could act.

In fact. the only thing real time in ffxii was the environment and monster encounter’s

givmespace says:

its like the world is just discovering ff

Jairus Strunk says:

final fantasy 12 lightning to win. I killed a lot things by casting reflectaga on my group and having everyone cast thundaga on the party. made like a 20 something hit thundaga on whatever enemy i was facing….. good times. good stuff

Seizure says:

man, I hove final fantasy VII’s remake will be as good to play as Final Fanyasy XV’s

Maranda Grubba says:

I’ve always shied away from playing any of the Final Fantasy games because of the turn based combat but watching this video has got me excited and now this game is officially on my list of must buy games!

Gavin x says:

crisis core was real time you casuals

VacuumScam says:

Oh, the combats real time? Thanks. *Crosses FF XV off the list of games to get*

FloppingPanda says:

So I’ve actually just hit level 99 and I personally have loved the battle system it took hours of grinding to get that level and I enjoyed every moment of it and the end game was just brilliant to boot

Praise'sMom says:

Love the combat system. some of the button combos require a bit of overly complex fingerwork and the UI feels cluttered but it’s probably the best combat system ff has ever charmed me into playing JUST because the combat is so fluid.

beastwork says:

not digging it so far. x13 was really fun for me.

Kyle Mueller says:

Wait. in final fantasy 12 im pretty sure there was no transition from exploration to combat.

Abraham Lincoln says:

2:57 that’s what she said.

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