4 Things You May Have Missed In Mass Effect: Andromeda’s “Combat Gameplay”

The info dumps are real.
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Dana Connolly says:

There was environmental hazards in the first Mass Effect

Gray Fox | Gaming says:

Thanks for pointing out that we can jump in Mass Effect Andromeda. That’s really something everyone might mave missed.. *rolleyes*

brennan pitt says:

hopefully we get vehicle exploration like in Mass Effect 1 with the Mako

Jackdaw Journalism says:

Nexus levelling may be a tie in with the multiplayer, BioWare have stated that we can unlock/acquire gear from the multiplayer that will transition into the single player, following suite to what there saying about softly crossing over the MP & SP. Great video as always Matty 😀

dmista21 says:

hey Matty why are you so down on this game? last podcast made you sound negative.

Korisselys says:

Out of all games he could use for comparison he uses nms…

David Allrich says:

äh the enviormental hazards have been there from MS 1 🙂 nothing new they just make a return.

NiceGuyVsAsshole says:

I actually liked the strategy map in inquisition. Granted I like strat games just as much as rpgs so in my opinion something like that gameplay element would be amazing with some tweaks.

ReV Inimical says:

I’m excited for this, it will be my first mass effect

Antonio Diserio says:

These things were revealed well over a month ago dude some things months ago so they were not missed.

Jakob Baker says:

I’ve never played a mass effect, but damn Matty, I’m pretty bloody excited for this one.

Kazuma Blackwing says:

Considering they’re including laser/particle beam and plasma weapons as native to the andromeda galaxy as well as the old “milky way” projectile weapons…do they plan to add a new shield type to account for energy weapons…or are they just gonna retcon the “mass effect field generator” type shields from the original trilogy (which only protected against projectile weapons) and rewrite them?

Wheel says:

You can only have 3 skills equipped? That sucks

Kitty Of Shadows says:

My previous and rather rude comments aside…. I am coming here for a majority of the things about mass effect andromeda now for a balance of criticism and praise. Most channels are blindly throwing love, or full on criticism (sometimes senseless nitpicking and hate.) at it.

Fervently says:

Dude you need to play Horizon Zero Dawn.

synysterxdave says:

All I want is an in depth character creation system. So I can recreate the default commander shepherd…….. Im having problems letting go

SmokingKilis says:

There habe been environmental hazards since ME1…….. The nexus lvl up bar has been in previous videos and there is a video showcasing the nexus half build( only the top half is done the rest is build either by you or on the way to Andromeda) ……. Come on matty your better than this.

Agrimma Gallows says:

I saw the Omni-blade under loadout will we be able to swap out melee weapons or will we just be upgrading it.

codeman7780 says:

Matty, I think I’m going to make myself a mandalorian type character in Andromeda! >:D

Ferodaktyl says:

let’s just hope it’s not another shallow shooter with rpg elements and shit story with no meaningful choices (*cough, Fallout 4, cough*). but if i were a betting man, i’d bet on being exactly that.

D'aetheyleid says:

4 Things? Matty, I missed the entire thing. Can’t drive that hype for myself like I did for Fallout 4. Will watch the video, though.

MRSketch09 says:

I dread that “auto cover”…. if they have that, they should let you also manually go into cover(Switch over to the classic mass effect 3 control scheme).. They must be trying to quicken the pace of the game in a way?.. but I doubt they’ll pull it off 100% or even close. BUT I hope to be proven wrong on that, because I’ll actually be happy if it works.

Other than that, looking forward to the game coming out sooner rather than later. March 21st is so close, yet so far away.

Kevin Garcia says:

I don’t wanna see anything about this i want Everything to be a surprise just to drop a Like and I’m Ready for the next HAM Radio

dreman999 says:

You’re first point was in ME1 and ME2.

Detective Lizard says:

The first Mass Effect had environmental hazards but other than that nice observation and thank god for not being one of those half hour “trailer analysis” videos. I kinda hate them.

JazzzRockFuzion says:

They had a very similar environmental hazard system in ME1. You would be alerted before landing on a planet, and if you left the Mako to walk around on foot, you’d have to monitor your personal meter.

Just Chris says:

I’m Just Chris, and this is my favorite channel on the Citadel.

Geralt of Rivia says:

“Life support, low”

The Wizard Panda says:

it should be called Mass Effect TRAPPIST because of the NASA discovery…

Preston Garvey says:

why is it when a game gets closer to release date days pass by 1000X slower D:

bewaretheshadows says:

Environmental damage was a common issue in the first game, and featured prominently in the Mass Effect 2 mission on Haestrom, where you ran from cover to cover to prevent your shields from overloading due to the suns proximity…

gadman85 says:

I am hoping this game will be good, but I am waiting for reviews this time. As others have said, there were environmental effects in ME1 and ME2. ME1 it was easily avoided because you were safe in the Mako. ME2 had the Haestrom mission where you couldn’t stay out in the sun too long. However, neither implemented it as much as they are here, so your point does still kind of stand.

Jorund Shadefur says:

I’m literally thinking it’s going to be a neck and neck battle between Horizon: Zero Dawn and Mass Effect: Andromeda. BioWare is returning to an old franchise while Guerrilla Games is coming up with a entirely new game. With it getting so many WONDERFUL reviews, I’m not holding my tongue anymore on this, I seriously think H:ZD is going to win Game of the Year just because it is new, looks beautiful beyond words, has a already large and growing fanbase, and a wonderful – well-put-together protagonist that doesn’t cater to “looking provocative” just to sell the game *cough* looking at you fantasy games *cough*

I love how they presented Aloy, and how they designed her, her character isn’t the normal sort of just playing as the hero, in reviews and the trailers, I’ve put together that she’s an outcast for a reason and she’s working her butt off just to fit in and be somebody.

On February 28th, we will finally start to see this wonderful game come to full light. I rarely preorder games, but this one deserves it. As I wait, I’m playing SkyrimSE and Fallout 4 (STILL) 😀

wayne clark says:

This is going to be a run and gun game

TheOnlyTrueZak says:

It’s a nice video but you guys should know that Mass Effect: Andromeda is not an RPG anymore. Just saying.

Scott Newman says:

Soft cover works quite well in the last of us – although that is more of a stealth focussed game

Witcher Bruce says:

3 games this half of the year I’m looking forward to are horizon zero dawn, ME:A, and prey. I’m looking forward for an assassins creed game as we’ll later in the year plus I’m sure Bethesda will have something good to show . 2017 is going to be a great year for gaming!

Camelworks says:

One thing I noticed in the trailers was Elder Scroll 6 confirmed.

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