303 SQUADRON – WW2 Plane Mechanic & Aerial Combat ( 303 Squadron Gameplay)

303 SQUADRON – WW2 Plane Mechanic & Aerial Combat ( 303 Squadron Gameplay)

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Adriel Fazl says:

I hope the developers add the luftwaffe and the soviet red army air force

Jan Kowalski says:

Phly a challenge for you

Your ountry wa conquered by the nazis despite your efforts, your flying could’t save Poland, neither France. Now you recived your new fighter, the fast and nimble Hurricane I. set your guns to 50 meters (or as short as warthunder lets you) and finally get your revenge on Germany.

Attempt #1

Isaac Fitte says:

I love all your vidoes

Burnt Savvy says:

* insert Patriotic Polish comment here *

Nathan Busse says:


Vorschlaghammer says:

From Twitter.
Replying to @PhlyDaily
Challenge time PhlyDaily. Your M18 may be low on ammunition but we have men pinned down by enemy armor. You have no MG ammo, bushes, nor resupply and are down to your last 10 rounds of M93 AP shot. Score 5 confirmed kills and bring our boys back. Attempt #5

Leon King says:

I thought I would have to start calling you
Roll daily phly

Beowulf Sword says:

RIP IS series

Adriel Fazl says:

I see the RAF squardon pilot have different accent, that is actualy true. The RAF has polish, french, belgian, netherland, canadian, american, and australian pilot. So the RAF is not all brittish

William Conway-Hyde says:

Your not dead!

dubstep monkey says:

Reminds me of war thunder for some reason….

Official Boomtish214 says:

The RAF marchpast, at the beginning, made me *MANGASM*

kv -2_king_derp ! says:

Hey phly you alright man. That was a huge break off of youtube?

muziekjes says:

@12:25: A hole in your left wing == an arrow to the knee in RPGs

Isaac Fitte says:

U the best PhlyDaily

pdittrich says:

Did that .303 machinegun in the “sniper elite shot” just fire 60% more bullet, per bullet?

stan bando says:

it is your destiny to have a whole in your left wing XD XD

Alex Pelc says:

Cześć I Chwała Bohaterom!

pixson pixson says:

and this is THE story: /watch?v=ptijNcDanVw&list=PLLWeE90lsjdPu-6DiTFlCFD6zz04VXNmr

richard williams says:

Gentlemen It wasnt who fought for whose country or what nationality they were .Poland was devastated by the germans ,The poles flew right up to the surrender then flew and fought in france till they packed it in .Britain at the time was the only country fighting the nazis and so all nationalities came to Britain to carry on fighting It was Hugh dowding RAF commander who refused to let foreign pilots fly as he didn’t trust them .Not just poles but french,czechs etc its was only when the germans were getting the upper hand that he gave in and allowed all pilots to fly for the RAF .But remember if britain had fallen maybe the whole world would be speaking german or japanese ,like it not Britain was the only one fighting for freedom of europe and the free world when even russia sided with germany against poland

please read this from about the squadron ……..https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/online-exhibitions/the-polish-air-force-in-world-war-2/303-squadron.aspx

My cat's Donut says:

I hope it wont upgrade into BF4 style amazing, exploding everywhere piece of shit… like Hollywood movies. Just leave it realistic

collin boyd says:

Hey Phly: The pilot talking at the end of your mission: Jan Zumbach- is well known for flying an A26 invader for the Biafra airforce in the 1960s! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Zumbach

Anderson Oliveira da Silva says:


MBk says:

Phly, all the guys talking during the mission were real pilots of the 303 squadron. I think you should read “Squadron 303” by Akrady Fiedler.

Elemental Sheep says:


piotrek84 says:

This game and new tank mode in IL-2 Sturmovik and something else and probably Post Scriptum are in queue for replace boring, full of bugs and bad managed War Thunder. Every update I increasingly regret the money spent on the WT.
Your 303 Squadron gameplay is first I see.

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