2K Aerial Combat – Battlefield 1 Gameplay

Ace pilot Rob Handlery shows his stuff in 7 minutes of air combat in Battlefield 1, all in glorious 2K resolution.

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Ignafiltro Sanchez says:

War Thunder RB pilots be like: Learn to aim Dumbass.

Darren Armstrong says:

Man more I watch these videos the more I want to get my hands on this… Lol call of duty you’re so fucked

Francesco Greggio says:

To be honest, I found it very generic and uninspiring. Even the sounds, that in BF are usually great, are a bit anemic.

Adam Downes says:

The aerial combat excites me the most about this game. It’s just so damn cool!

Jason Viper says:

so i have a question is a 1000 watt power supply good enough for two gtx 1070’s FTW edition? i have one right now in my rig i just wanted to know because i gotta get a 2k monitor and another GPU so that will NOT be cheap. plus i know 4k looks amazing but what about 2K compared too 1080p. plus i like 120hz+ no 4k monitors have that and the 4k tv’s being used for a monitor hard too get over 60hz for gaming and it be smooth.

Rafterman374 says:

It’s so god damn peaceful without all the beeping

Spaghetti Troll says:

some1 should use vectors for firing on the enemy lol

anthrax says:

Is it just me or is aerial combat easier than ever now? I guess it’s because there aren’t any lock-on weapons and the planes are slower.

rodrigo salazar says:

is it me or does it look like flying a plane looks for simple then bf4

Douglas Duda says:

I was thinking yea it looks good what we have seen. But i thought to myself Bf3 was great…until people apparently complained about some part of the game and it got patched and turned to shit…i hope this does not keep happening…

TL FewerBog says:


Chico Azevedo says:

Finally i wanna pilot a plane in a battlefield game since btf 1942!!! hell yeah!

ddun3098 says:

so sick looking

DDoiS says:

im missing the jets already =(

Dalton Uber says:

Airplanes really need free look. IT makes flying more enjoyable and to be able to track your target makes dogfighting more engaging

markus huber says:


Ian Jeffery says:

I am glad the game has slowed down a bit. Will hopefully mean a bit more precise tactical gameplay. Rather than running round like a headless chicken between control points.

Latrell 125 says:

People are telling me the battlefield franchise is gonna die soon, I don’t believe, what do you guys think?

The Jedi Guy says:

Just for fun they should add a small mission where you fly those biplanes and u have to shoot down King Kong off the Empire State Building, as like a bonus mission or doc or something

Nathan Mayers says:

Wow! can’t lie man, this looks fucking amazing! Can’t wait to play.

The Horror says:

ITS AWESOME, though being a plane looks really easy im up for a challenge though

Nick Salehi says:

Only one issue here. The woman voice that annonces stuff about the objective. She sound futuristic. Really off putting with the mood of the game if you get what i mean. It should be like a radio sound instead and the soldier or commander or whatever being the annoncer.

iCantFindMySpoon says:

Probably gonna be the best fps for the decade. I mean it looks fucking gorgeous! And that’s coming from a cod fan. I still like cod but not the ones that have been recently coming out

MrHiglon says:

Looks cool but I really can’t stand the announcer. It feels so cheap.

Guilherme Pereira says:

I wish I played like that wow

Ped K says:

got to play BF1 on my friends pc for about 10 mins graphics are really good looking and domination game mode was good but there were quite a few bugs but hey thats what alphas are for right will pass judgement on release.

Watcher08121 345 says:

So there’s not that “iiiiiieeeeeeee!!” sound coming from the planes when they fly downwards? Can I see a link to a vid from someone where this happens with the planes, because it’s so cool!

OhItsThat says:

After watching BF1 gameplay I’m glad Dice didn’t make Bad Company 3 or WW2 or Vietnam era game like most asked. They would have ruined it for sure. BF1 looks so much like the Star Wars Beta I played. That’s fine and all if your a child and you don’t know any better but any BF vet that expects a game that’s more like BF3 then Star Wars is screwed. Looks like a game that might be fun for a few hours then get very redundant. Not like past BF games that people will play for thousands of hours during its life cycle.

Ding Ding says:

Lol so many bomber planes in the sky at once…I mean I’ve seen more but it’s surprising to see in a battlefield game

VΛRZ says:

Arial combat and trench warfare is what I’m most exited about in this game. The flying just looks smooth. No more of that lock on BS from previous battlefields. Takes more skill now.

Sultan Issa says:

game play is too quiet there should be more explosion and sounds and yelling would be more relastic and action

Tristan Nichols says:

I do not like the way this person dropped their bombs

GellyfishProductions says:

damn it they kept the “spawn into vehicle” mechanic 🙁

caballero soulaire says:

why launch the bombs of side

Ichsuka says:

BF1 is lit.

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