2 Minutes of Mass Effect: Andromeda Tech and Combat Gameplay — CES 2017

We got a new look at Mass Effect: Andromeda with this exciting new footage

Watch more about CES 2017 here!

Mass Effect Andromeda: BioWare Breakdowns the Gameplay Trailer – IGN First

Mass Effect Andromeda Game Awards Gameplay Demo in 4K:

Mass Effect Andromeda – Cinematic Reveal Trailer

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Xhere Rongestzu says:

is there character customization in this game??

olvin exiled says:

Jesus! I think this will be the first game I’ll pre-order

Daisuken says:

Looks awesome, but isn’t the camera a bit too close?

British Blue says:

Remind me to never level up the flamethrower skill. If it’s rubbish during an official demo it must be even worse in the actual game. Then again he *was* using against robotic enemies…maybe it’s better against meatbags.

Owen Starling says:

the first bit of music reminded me of destiny

Fro4show says:

Mmph. :T Hoping the story/characters are on point, but I donno… I’m really not expecting much out of this entry in the series. In general, its failed to inspire or look like a significant iteration on the previous title. Perhaps they’ve grown in little ways that matter, but I was hoping for a bit more of a leap from the series entry into the latest gaming generation, I suppose.

Take… God of War for example as the antithesis of this. It looks like they’ve gone and reinvented the way the game feels and works. For better or worse, we shall certainly see in time (I’m sure that a lot of people would agree that at first glance it doesn’t look at all like a God of War game), but they’ve attempted something that wasn’t so… formulaic and that has me excited to see what the team can do in this new style while adhering to the influence of the series at large.

This just looks like more of the same. Maybe a lot of people wanted more of the same. I was hoping for a large growth. Maybe in more time large growth will become apparent. But usually if a dev takes that large leap, its a lot easier to tell from the outset. The fact that I can’t just has me expecting that they played it safe.

Anyway, that’s my speculation and I could be entirely entirely wrong. I’ve got a good gut about these things tho, so… be wary about your hype, peoples ^_^;

Skooma Joe says:

I’m not excited for this game in the slightest. i don’t really know why. Maybe it was ME3’s ending, EA’s recent crappiness, or the lackluster gameplay they keep showing off, or maybe a mix of all three. I hope its good, but I’ll wait for the reviews.

Robert Bowser says:

I can watch the tempest fly all day

Sad Serenade says:

can’t wait for this game!!

TheMindfulOne says:

More like 45 seconds of Andromeda Tech and Combat Gameplay

Harry Nigohos says:

Looking Good

Droopy eyed armless children says:

*H I T M A R K E R S*

Jyh Yeong says:

just be online to be able to play?

The Wrestling Enthusiast says:

March 21st can’t get here fast enough

nuttyprof99 says:

I wonder if the flamethrower will be able to be used in noncombat roles.

James Thompson says:

The movement looks really buggy

Kiefier Hunter says:

@ IGN what would be really cool is if you could call down a Mech (like the Atlas) and it drop in similar to Titanfall or drop in from the tempest.!!!!

TheKestevon says:

Will this game be as good as elder scrolls?

mgf001 says:


ThatGuyYouKnowAndLove diaz says:

when you cater to the new generation of gamers. third person shooter with a mass effect name. don’t get me wrong I just finished the trilogy on XBOX 1. and I love the series (the first most of all) for its team based tactics. I just feel like they strayed from mass effect as a whole, but this two min vid is only a grain in the sand compared the full thing.

XhileX123456789 says:

This looks like modded mass effect 3

Landon Goff says:

Am I the only one that was reminded of Destiny with the music in the first part of this?

christopheragent006 says:

please have multiplayer like mass effect 3.

Garrus1995 says:

Kind of hard to believe we’re only two and-a-half months away from a new Mass Effect.

Baha Algafori says:

less rpg and more shooter…what happened to the whole space atmosphere?…who wants a 3rd person cod?

Truett Edgell says:

So this is what it’s come to, huh? A terrible Gears of War clone with no focus on story or choices.

Seth M says:

The entire game I’m only going to use 1 combat power and the rest will be tech and biotic, and I will NOT switch.

Mason Webb says:

Looks a lot like dragon age

George Kessler says:

Did ryder actually comment on unlocking the tactical overseer profile in game?

bladerj says:

looks really boring, same mechanic on rails as before just wider.
i hope we can actually climb ladders without being stuck in a preset animation.

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