2 Minutes of Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Beautiful Combat Gameplay

Aloy has a lot of ways to take down the robotic enemies in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Here are just a few of them.

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Pro 4K vs. 1080p Graphics:

12 Minutes of Horizon: Zero Dawn Gameplay (with Commentary):

Horizon: Zero Dawn Official Story Trailer:

Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer – PSX 2016:

Horizon: Zero Dawn Official Creating a New World Trailer:

43 Big Games Coming in 2017:

40 Big PlayStation 4 Games of 2017:

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Techu40 X says:

I honestly can’t wait for this game, but I’ll think I’ll wait another month before buying the game, and hopefully the game is bug free or playable.
I bought tomb raider not long ago and it keeps freezing and crashing! Sad every game developer releases games before they are actually finished 🙁
You should do the same to support support for games and let the developers know that there’s a disadvantage of releasing unfinished games

tenth gen says:

look like an old tomb raider game with a barbarian outfit. I’m game ill try it not feeling the lord of the ring outfit though.

Hurlock alpha says:

Just killin robots for their meat. 😛

Gar Funkle says:

Beautiful Combat? Looks basic to me. lets see that Slash, spin slash combo again and again. And let’s add some drum music, some quik cut edits to make seem more intense.

Nick Reams says:

People are hyped for this game, until they realize that the music in this trailer is the actual combat music

Stormtrooper says:

Another Witcher 3? 😀

Isa Pahalwankhan says:

Am I the only one whould rather want to play as the monsters than hunt them?

BlackDildoBoyWithDiabetes LovesHorseCock says:

It’s a Playstation exclusive therefore you’re looking at around 10 hours and half of that time you’ll be watching cutscenes lol i’d rather just watch a movie.

Run E says:

sadly not impressed, the combat seems sluggish, hit……….hit……….hit, she even shoots arrows faster

Kyriakos Galanos says:

and when it comes out it looks like minecraft

Jensen Opilas says:

Getting a PS4 pro for this game.

Noctis Altura says:

best open world combat

Gangsta Link says:

This year, I prefer Zelda, next year, this game!

CCzarMasta56 says:

I’m gonna be very busy with this and Zelda!

C'thulu TheGreat says:

30 new seconds of horizon zero dawn gameplay.

KappaKurde says:

all the Xbox Guys like: “playstations no man Sky” or “this game is like any other game from Ubisoft” just because there mad that they cant play it lmao

Joe Bernard Manuel says:

No PC release, sad…very sad…

Rin Yoshiba says:

That repetitive Melee Combat..

Enzo M87 says:

Cristo che merda di gioco ahahahah

Trollin'isMyLife says:

At this point there is just no competition at all. Shitbox will always remain shitty

cupcakepower says:

Yes melee

kman1868 says:

I’m not that impressed tbh and before you say it no I’m not a Xbox fan boy I play Xbox ps4 and pc

Memo Galaxy says:

boring combat system I don’t know why but I think should I try it by myself

Hacker Man says:

Zelda for God’s

julian alegria says:

I enjoy having all three PS4 , xboxs and my PC cause I’m indecisive

Supergirl Gamer says:

Once the combat is smooth and quick to grasp, this is my next game to add to my collection! Screw graphics! I’m playing it at 1080p! This game is promising and I’m looking for promising games!

D-Marv Barros says:

I hope the majority of the game isn’t fighting these Robo Dinos. I’d get so bored of that quickly. I hope there will be human enemies as well and a lot of them.

Raptor Jesus says:

sad that the entire comment section of this ps4 game is ps4 players talking about xbox…

MnQ says:

Brace yourselves

Zelda related topics is coming

Aya ya says:

You call this “Beautiful Combat”?
Too slow and too many crappy animations

BlackDildoBoyWithDiabetes LovesHorseCock says:

Framerate and graphics are really last gen

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