Yooka-Laylee – Nintendo Switch Trailer

Yooka-Laylee, the all-new 3D platformer from genre veterans Playtonic Games, is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2017!


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durkadur27 says:

Can we get a physical release on Switch?

videocreator970 says:

Cool! I was planning on getting it for Xbox One but since a Switch version is coming I might as well get it for the switch seems more appropriate to play this on the Switch, cause you know, relive the old Rare on 64 days

Kowl says:

Playtonic bringing back those awesome rareware games 🙂

DizzeeSpellz says:

is there going to be a graphical downgrade on the switch? like the aa in zelda sucks btu it’s the only game ive tried

legokid0801 says:

Holy shit, the Switch is just like an HD N64! The new titles coming out are very similar to popular N64 games

So far we got

– Super Mario Odyssey (Super Mario 64)
– Yooka Laylee (Banjo Kazooie)
– Breath of the Wild (Ocarina of Time)
– Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Mario Kart 64)

Oh my god we are in the Golden Age again!!!

Bradley Courmier says:

It’s called banjo kazooi

anar says:

that is just like banjo kazooie nintendo is a copied that is just rude

SamVision says:

“Nintendo Switch Trailer”

Shows PC footage.

Smasherfan88 says:

I’m sure they’ll make a physical release if the game sells well guys, kinda how shovel knight did, though I hope that physical release will be sooner then later due to the switch’s default space, I say this since I’m buying 2 games, a pro controller and the switch on launch day and that’s just almost barley under 500 usd

Baz says:

In Australia the Switch version has a $90 tag on it, compared to the modest cost of $50 on steam, one, and PS4. Hope it changes.

William Decoteau says:

I pre-ordered the Steam version. Might have to get this one too, especially if it’s a physical release.

Doughboy(^_^) says:

Is the footage actually from playing on a Nintendo Switch? Or is it PC footage?

Clayton Tilley says:

Is there a full upload of this song anywhere?

Anime JesseMii says:

so when the Nintendo switch version of the game coming out i hope it comes along side the ps4 and Xbox one on April 11

LysolPionex says:

I’m in love…

Leonardo Acosta says:


qpwoeiruty eidjcn says:

release physical copies please. Switch isn’t a digital console hence the 32Gb memory!

Tony D'vec says:

Heck yes! I’m purchasing the Switch because of Yooka-Laylee! (Who wouldn’t want a portable Banjo Kazooie spiritual successor?)

Andrew Hamilton says:


Carlos Miguel says:

Nice music

Thibaut Mahringer says:

Does the Switch version run as good as the other? 😮

mrsonicfan21 says:


Yarib says:

Is Rare back at Nintendo? xD

Crkza says:

its great and all….. but what platforms it will be released on other than the switch?

Júnior José Carlos Dos Santos says:

Compra garantida!

Batman says:

Finally!! now the nintendo fanboys can shut up

beerasaurus says:

I’m going to need that mp3. For educational purposes.

Ali Asif says:

And people thought the Unity engine was not as good as Unreal. Well there you have it folks.

Daniel Andres Fernandez Ceron says:

i feel so good for this game

Vinsmoke Vanessa_ says:

Bello, mi ricorda Croc della Ps1

Max Wolf says:

Can someone tell me if this seems to run at 60fps? There’s no info on the web about the frame rate…

roediej says:

when, when? 😀

awesome astronaut says:

To me, it feels like it wouldn’t be right to play such a colorful game on something other than a Nintendo system.

El Claro de Illusen says:


Burnin Leo 64 says:

YEEEESS omggosshh i didn’t know it was going to the switch too!!! Ohh that’s a relief cuz i hardcore played hard on my gamepad on super smash and it’s like my only good controller for the wii u

Grant.D.Pirie says:

there you go. happy now all you people who commented on every yooka laylee video about it not being on switch

wally castagnir says:

i just love this song i even listen to it sometimes in college

Lunar Dancer says:

This game is looking seriously good.

Shamaboy S says:

Fun fact: This music in the trailer is made by David wise, best known for being composer of DKC, DKC2 and Tropical Freeze. He is also working on Snake Pass as a composer.

MacApples says:

both nintendo and playtonic need to team up

LegendaryWarrior says:

(phase 1)Playtonic announces its for WiiU
(phase 2)the fans bitched at them to make a switch version
(phase 3)Playtonic makes a switch version

(phase 1)Playtonic anounces it will be digital download
(phase 2)the fans bitched about not being a physical version
(just one more phase playtonic I know we are a bunch of ungrateful turds but just one more step and we’ll leave you alone, promise)

Jorge Ortiz Suarez says:

Banjo Kazooie and Dk64 all over again? I love it!!! It looks a little bit empty but We will have to wait.

TheMoonBlueEyes says:

I love you, Playtonic. Thank you very much for bringing this to the Switch <3

Wesley Whiteside says:

Will it have HD rumble?

Chateau 829 says:

it’s crazy to see the best of Rare work with Nintendo to bring back cartridges to gamers. I’m getting all fidgety for this again.

David Gonzalez says:


Mariel Nieto says:

Yooka Layle will be on Nintendo Switch?! I really need to save more to buy this!

videocreator970 says:

Also thank you Playtonic, despite having an army of online cry babies you still came through for the salty Nintendo fans, Just know you have fans out there that appreciate your work, and we understand technical difficulties happen. (But they will still find ways to complain – “WUT NO PHYSICAL??!!” or “NO WII U VERSION THO>:'(“)

josephsaga says:

definitely buy this game day 1

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