Yooka Laylee – Character Parade & Shovel Knight Trailer

Meet the cast of Yooka-Laylee, the next 3D platformer from key creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country!



madcat768 says:

looks really good but sounds way to much like banjo kazooie music and effects i think =/

Marlayia Fareed says:

this is basically Banjo and Kazooie oh my God oh



I Hate Blue says:

If Shovel Knight wasn’t in the thumbnail and title, all of use would’ve been hyping for Banjo and Kazooie to pop out of nowhere.

ProtonCannon says:


Tom Poliak says:

No more Wii U

Ryan Pfeiffer says:

Oh my god he’s literally a trouser snake.

Moveli says:

Dang I jus read somebody else kinda already said that.

PieOfCthulhu says:

Shovel Knight is in all sorts of games that he shouldn’t be in, but he didn’t make it into Smash Bros, the one franchise in which you can mash various other franchises together without devaluing any of them.

Moveli says:

They should make a Banjo 4 with CO-OP USING BANJO AND YOOKA LAYLEE! Somebody tell some developer this and I actually might buy dis b****!

Ibrahim Oshodi says:

If you can unlock Shovel Knight, and he flies by spinning his shovel or having the rat-o-copter fly him, it immediately gets a 20/10 for me

TerranceTheL33T says:


Gojira Gigantis says:

Dr. Quack? more like the bodyless head of multiplayer green kazooie who went nuts after finding out there was no such thing as banjo threeie.

Alpha Bam says:

+Playtonic Games will it come for the Switch?

thatpersonthstkeepschanginghisname says:

Shovel Knight: *Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyuouou*

numaTruehome 100 says:

Yay, a Laylee is british, or possibly from brooklyn, I want a british bat

Marlayia Fareed says:

Shovel Knight has been confirmed a Pirate ecause he says yo ho get it yo ho yo ho I want this game so I can just get Shovel Knight Yoho yo ho ho ho

Kamen rider guy says:

why is shovel knight in the game

DustyBunnies says:

I know how Banjo Kazooie can be fixed, in the next game start off with Banjo waking from a nightmare the when kazooie ask about it he’ll explain the plot of Nuts and Bolts

DocOcto says:

Next, Crush’s Bad Quill Day.

Computer Crash Gaming says:


Sniper Melon says:

If this will be anything like Banjo-Tooie, that would be INCREDIBLE. Just imagine, all the levels tied together in some way, all sorts of kookie and crazy characters to interact with, frustrating puzzles that involve having to go back and forth from level to level just to get one pagie!

Edwin Santiago says:

Just how many games does shovel knight appear in. First Gunvolt 2, then Road Redemption, lastly Yooka-Laylee. Geez, is he gonna appear in every game not made by nintendo. And for a third party company, they managed to get an amiibo. That is quite impressive. This is gonna be intersting

ASMRBabyPoop says:

Oh no it’s sky landers

Chief Broom says:

Shovel Knight seems to be the face of Indie Gaming. And that is beautiful

Red Reaper says:

is there any difference between this and banjo kazooie? if there is one, its very RARE.

Jay Santillano says:

and can someone tell me who shovel knight is?

Logan Cure says:

when i saw the video and there´s the wii u logo… sigh :¨(

MayanExpression says:

Why does it still say WiiU? I thought they cancelled that port in favor for the Switch

Epicissocool 101 says:

I would have preferred Shovel Knight it have his game’s text sound, but the Yo Ho effect is pretty entertaining. DO WHAT YOU WANT CAUSE A PIRATE IS FREE!

MrPhantaze says:

If anyone still remembers Rayman, combine the Space Mama with pirates and Banjo-kazooie and this is the result

Marly Benson says:


Jay Santillano says:

gave me a banjo kazooi/ diddy Kong racing feel to it! Can’t wait for the switch

The Antonio Brother says:

Finally a better banjo and kazooie that is not much worse than banjo and kazooie nuts and bolts

Charlie Harris says:

I want this game so bad. It’s like a Saturday morning cartoon come to life.
You all know it is. Don’t lie.

medhathobo says:

Shovel Knight sounds like a pirate D:
Also, Blasto? But that’s not a cartoony, one liner dropping space hero! How is this cannon supposed to save girls captured by aliens?

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