Ymir ► A Pig City-building 4X Multiplayer ‘MMO’ Game! – [Gamer Encounters]

Let’s play some Ymir! It’s a city-builder but also a 4X multiplayer MMO kind of thing… and it has pigs with clothes. This is a testing copy provided by Ronchon, the developer, and it’s a VERY EARLY VERSION with bugs, incomplete text, spelling errors, and such. It is, however, still playable and enjoyable. It’s made by a single guy over the past 5 years (2 years full time) and plans are to be able to host ‘persistent’ servers with 100 players with games that lasts weeks. For now let’s try out some solo city-building gameplay!

Gamer Encounters Impressions & Reports
Neither a let’s play nor a review. Gamer Encounters! is a first impressions format of video game coverage. These are games that I have spent fewer than 2-3 hours playing and can be of titles that have fully released or are still in early access/Alpha/Beta.

Ymir Game Official Website

Ymir Steam Page

If you’d like to know more about the game, you can ask Ronchon (the dev) directly on his own Discord channel that’s linked in the official site.


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Simple Biscuit says:

would like to see you play this game more

Michal Krasnodebski says:

i cant wait to play this game

Chrisdk23 says:

Any info on when this game will be released? Or will it go into EA?

StrikeFighter101 says:

Very impressive game for 1 guy to make. Game seems awesome love the art style and the combined types of gameplay. Can’t wait to see more of this game and play it for myself. Keep up the awesome videos GamerZahk

TSlo says:

I’m so looking forward to this game. It looks great !

Mansen says:

I’m loving the weird mix of Dwarf Fortress, City builder and something like Travian. Definitely watching this one. 🙂

George Barbosa says:

thnx for the gameplay

Mr. Pinkpig says:

This game reminds me of rimworld soooo damn much.

Xeno Gaming says:

Multiplayer Caeser III!

Leronos says:

Will you be playing THe Guild 3?

huang george says:

Still waiting for the full game, also my working shift had changed, so for a long time I didn’t support you on twitch (I’m working when you are live), this change will end on October so I will see you live soon, lol

stemom says:

Thanks man, I’ve not found much video material about the game yet. 😀

But the gameplay looks decent already (for being an Alpha)

Creed Man says:

come back to playing salem please

KERNKRAFT3000 says:

btw what do you mean with “walker system”?

Dinospirit says:

we need more video’s of this..

si lafuyang says:

When does it come out?

JonatasAdoM says:

Porco means Pig or pork in portuguese and maybe in other languages.

cOmAtOrAn says:

It seems like in this game you probably want every adult pig to be a part of the militia.

laz5659 says:

YES!!!! Zakh I’ve been waiting for AGES for you to do a video on Ymir 😀

Evil Scientist says:

The game is rather raw, of course, but it has character, I like that (:

Inżynier TV says:

This game need more furry scpies like foxes and wolfes

Aaron Anglea says:

sounded like it was using music from Caesar III

MistaSmith says:

didn’t we have loads of these games as brwoser games already? clash of clans or what it was called is one of the more recent ones?

Inżynier TV says:

How much for this game?

EREN YOGURT!!! says:

I’m triggered

The Diaz says:

I need this game in my life

Leonardo Azevedo says:

can you attack other cities ?

KERNKRAFT3000 says:

What microphone are you using? Good video btw please more of Ymir!

Irawulf says:

This looks verry cool! I’ll keep an eye on it! (also I’m okay with it not using walkers – I always found that system kinda weird)

Marco aurelio Guerra says:

this games looks really cool, excited to see where its going

Bourbon K1d says:

u should try Divinity: Original Sin 2 , its amazing

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