Xbox One Best Games Trailer

“The best games are on Xbox One !”
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Xbox One Best Games Accolades Trailer. Subscribe now to get the latest game trailer, gameplay teaser & cinematic video, videogame walkthrough and ingame videos with Game News Official (GameNews) ! Xbox One Accolades Trailer.

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D U T says:


Gonzalo Verdugo says:

whats the song

Moe says:


Ilias Z says:

Can anyone tell me which Halo it is?

Venoim says:


mitx pompa says:


Carika van Zyl says:

what is the song called?

Doggy says:

we like the console because of this trailer (facepalm)

TheupSideDown Controller says:

I’m not a Xbox fan (more of a ps4 fan my self) but this, this isn’t all that bad.

Melissa Fuhler says:

like the music and what is the music?

Malavika Saral says:

which song is that?

ismael ounacer says:

the songs name?

Ark 343 says:

The games and console of the future are definantly Xbox

Lucas says:

This is an amazing commercial. Still love it.

AndriaGameing says:

does anyone know the name of the song

joa0 gam3r br92 gameplays e toturiais says:

xbox one vs ps4 xdbox one wins

TRB Nexit says:

hey i watched a Overwatch add before watching this lol

Nickz Rojo says:


t.bonny channel says:

what’s the music called?

El Prinse says:

please anyone tell me the name of the sing

Noscopeminecraft Boss says:


grumpbear 2 says:

who was here when the fine bros wached this

The Matrix 303 says:

Music name please!

Shaheer Ahsan says:


Victor Henrique says:

the xbox one wins

Fandy Mulyawan says:

is that the witcher 3 on 0:11??

creepyblack45 says:

I liked the xbox 360 where u didn’t have to worry about frame rate

DerUmsKloTanzt says:

Whats the name of the song ?

Binita Kapadiya says:

what’s music name

Le Confédéré says:

Je trouve qu’il n’y pas assez de joeurs de xbox one en francd

milly paulino says:

but the xbox 360 is better

Nickz Rojo says:

What Is The Name Of The Song

deadpool slazer says:

xbox one is better tha playstation!!!!

JACKOGAMER2000 says:

song ?

TreturousFoot32 says:

I don’t need to rant to 12 yr olds about xbox being better than Playstation I just need to show them this..

Moe says:


Sam Lund says:

What’s honestly really sad is that half of these games absolutely sucked balls…

Magic droiid says:


- Cookiez - says:

Lmao I have a PS3 Wii u and an Xbox one xD

piece of garbage says:

i was just so amazed when i first saw this. fucking amazing.

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