WORLD WAR 2 FPS IS BACK! – Days of War

Days of War – First Impressions and Gameplay. Taking a look at Days of War an early access World War 2 multiplayer shooter similar to the classic Day of Defeat. Is it any good though? Leave a rating and a comment, thanks for watching 🙂 Music: Connect with me:

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iiGoHam OnYou says:

The rifle only servers are going to be so lit

MacDee The Executioner says:

if it comes to ps4, I’d try to make trench battles

fakeshake234 says:

I wish MOHAA was still popular. 🙁 That was my shit back in the day. The most fun FPS multiplayer experiences I’ve ever had were on that game.

Alexander Haakstad says:

Battalion 1944 is going to be insane from what i’ve heard! Can’t wait.

Rodrigo Soares says:

No campaign? No, thanks.

Hitman Holland says:

ugly !

Adrian Mendoza says:

This game looks really really great. just needs some fixes but overall in my OPINION it’s great!!! (:

Theeflea03 says:

kinda just seems like a huge day of infamy rip off or copy

Lezuum says:

I don’t care about their commitment!
How many ambicious games have failed on Kickstarter?

It looks impressive and has an interesting map-design.

But their Focus should be on a epic scale Coop-Campaign
and not another overrated MP-Shooter!

Rep Reviews says:

A game doesnt have to be fun id love a game that was extremely realistic so far havent even found any ultra realistic games

gaming247 says:

I would love to see respawn make a ww2 cod style game. world at war 2 will be a good idea as well.

iiGoHam OnYou says:

160k lol bullshit

Jeff Boone says:

what a copycat game it looks like a polished version of Day Of Defeat

Benjamin Goodstone says:

Got this and day of infamy now i just need to support battalion 1944

MrSpadeofAce says:

the beach on omaha, should be a bit larger…too narrow

the Bguy says:

for an early alpha game this game have a really good sound effects

Lezuum says:

They need to add a coop-campaign
and give the game beefier sounds!

Weapons sound too much like Softairs in this game!

No Coop-Campaign = No Buy!

Too much MP-Only-Crap out there these days!

Fredy Adiwijaya says:

days of war vs days of infamy which is better?

notjovito colin says:

Rather wait for battalion 1944

Demon50 says:

@1:22 That moment you realize you’re not playing BF1 and can’t accurately land every single hip fire shot lol.

Julius S says:

another generic fps sets in ww2….
what I actually need is single player games with a good story.
DICE could make WW2 battlefield setting, but less repetitive gameplay as in BF1, larger scale of war to support more players in multiplayer, add stuff like RTS/FPS genre mix and similar stuff. I hope mass effect andromeda is gonna be good.


Days of War or Days of Infamy?

Adûnâi says:

05:30 “A mod feel about it”? You’re saying it as if mods are inferior to full games…Ridiculous, because mods are better than full games (see: Project Reality, Forgotten Hope 2).

Har-yo 935 says:

Why I can’t play this game, when Im in the menu I can’t click anything, can anyone help?

Joshua Ostrander says:

I don’t buy games you can’t dab in.

Brutiful Promotions says:

I think the beach should be longer, It will be more of a challenge and more realistic.

iiWelshY says:

Day of Defeat: Source is the best World War game in my opinion. The classes were so balanced and the gameplay was so good!

btl1994 says:

I know Gaijin is making a ww2 fps as well

Pedro Henrique Fernandes says:

They should make a game based on the invasion of Denmark in WW2. There’s some interesting history and battles in that period…

Faded Keep says:

two players in a boat!nice:D

stelmatic666 says:

i like it

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