WORLD WAR 1 FPS – Over The Trenches (Verdun Gameplay)

WORLD WAR 1 FPS – Over The Trenches (Verdun Gameplay)

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Gordon Kroman says:

i wonder the ketchup gas is as dangerous as mustard gas


That mlg 420 no scope in the beginning was awsome phly

Stephanie Shen says:

Next Sunday play Rise of Flight and fly the SE5A

Lochlan Weeks says:

Is3 plz

John Hall says:

Where has all the crossout videos gone

Teph says:

1fps? damn console peasants.

Captain Piett says:

Mmhmmm definitely would like to see more of this! 😛

ZzScotty says:

The World Wars didn’t happen in 1 FPS! The eye sees at 24fps PC peasant!

Samuel Beyer says:

1:48 bottom of the the screen say “You killed Clint Eastwood” lol X D

Tiny7_0 says:

+PhlyDaily Your next challenge is to land a peashooter on a b29 in the air

azcardsfitz1 says:

Are all you guys retarded afff? Saying “oh this is sooo much better than bf1” “oh bf1 isn’t realistic bc they give you machine guns all the time” Have any of you even played the game?! You know what the medic class has for a gun? Oh but here you guys are playing a game that looks like and plays like shit saying it’s better than bf1. What a joke.

Mr Handy Conservation Society says:

I wanted to see you play with the flame thrower or sniper or whatever other weapons there were

Sietse Van Overstraeten says:

i thought you played with 1 FPS lol

Tom Gray says:

The Canadian accents are amusing and all but these soldiers are US 82nd Infantry Division (as there were no Paratroopers in WW1 the 82nd were a regular Infantry Division).

Gedvinas Saldys says:

Wow, “Verdun steam download” more like buy this game.

Arda Onen says:

as a Canadian I feel obliged to like this vid and to ask for a shout out from ClassyPax

Seimen Veldt says:

1 fps??! what kind of shitty pc is that??! 😉

Joel Plotner says:

He killed Clint Eastwood!! It’s near the beginning of the video….. Damn

Freddie Bell says:

9:07 mother of all voice cracks

ImTOREO -Armored Aces , WoT Blitz and more! says:

The most scariest thing about world war is their black and white picture..ww1 in colour is not that scary.

lankyfingers says:

Those gun sounds and the way the other players look moving around though 🙁 still wanna play it but..

falconlover 157 says:

*plays verdun a ww1 fps game battlefield 1 at e3

Gavin Casey says:

That Intro Music Always Gives Me So Much God Dam Cancer I Don’t Know How I Am Still Alive…. Wait?! *Slumps Over Dead On A Desk Or Something*

Rūku ルーク says:

this is world war 1 gameplay not bf1

Lukas Muler says:

i’ve missunderstood the title

Bob Skywalker says:

Death simulation

F4Wildcat says:

i used to own and shoot both a P14 and M1917 enfield rifle. the sights were amazing. Lovely rifle, but a bit heavy. good to see you use it, phly

Milton Donges says:

Isn’t this coming to ps4

SOAP 007 says:

that intro is horrible btw

WhiteBeardFTW says:

This is WW1 not a joke battlefield 1!

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