Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – FIRST LOOK (CITY BUILDER TYCOON GAME)

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – FIRST LOOK GAMEPLAY
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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is the ultimate real-time soviet-themed city builder tycoon game. Construct your own republic and transform a poor country into a rich industrial superpower!

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Nicky Liu says:

This may very well be the game I was looking for for a long time!
It’s like a little bit of Cities Skylines, a little bit of Industry Giant, and a little bit of Tropico, but with less unneccessary freedom, more glory, less capitalism, more socialism, and less Tropical paradise, more grey utopian paradise.
Thanks for picking this up, man!

Imam Syahriadin says:

for city build game, i prefer you play city skylines. but still, i like all your video.

RNK says:

This could be a fun let’s play, I love these transport fever like games

Noel puente says:

Pleas do this into a series

Joe Clark says:

I’d watch this

StickeRz says:


Crossrider Gaming FPS says:

this game is good

Jon Pilchard says:

i love the rough aesthetic of the soviet republic over the polished of cities skylines

Music ati j says:

Is there more of evil bank manager coming ?

BigPoppa-Bear says:

In Soviet Russia, Booshes plant you!

TheArmyRC Channel says:

That’s type of city I live in Saint Petersburg

Razan Abboud says:

WOW !!!!!

Hollingsworth77 says:

Definitely buying the game.

Reivelt says:

*soviet anthem playing in the background*

Hasbo TwoFourSix says:


Muscraffe says:


Willy .William says:

I just watch this with the soviet anthem in the background. Perfect, Comrade!

Olly U says:

Is it just me or does this make you think of transport fever too?

Muhammad Nur Arifin says:

Do a series of it

MrFoxUltima says:

When Keralis releases a look at a new city builder we all get SUPER HAPPY about it

Marvø says:

Я люблю это! Great video Comrade Keralis!

Jordan Watson says:

Not the best graphics but it looks like a really interesting game. A series is definitely needed!

Norris Jinglewilly says:

The statue of Lenin was to the left…

Acid Trip says:

But can you build Gulags?

Martin Menendez says:

Amazing game!!

blue_covfefe says:

I love it! please keralis make a series

LT mongoose says:

you forgot to get a fire engine with a water tank

Troels Vendelbo says:

In denmark we call Them harmonika bus 🙂

L N/A says:

Looking forward to more

Andrew Sheworg says:


Khalil Heron says:

Play more!

Scott C says:

More Bendy Busses for the Bendy People!

Chandranshu Kumar says:

Hey brother, how did you get a copy, please can you help me get one

Maxwell Moore says:

this game looks so good! i would love to see you keep playing it! please make more episodes!

lol i can't think of a better name says:

From what nation are you ?

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