Widowmaker Gameplay Preview | Overwatch | 1080p HD, 60 FPS

For the best viewing experience, please watch in 1080p HD.

Set your sights on Widowmaker in this unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60fps on PC. Here, Widowmaker is on the defense in King’s Row, a Point Capture/Payload hybrid map situated in the heart of England.

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pandinha Red :D says:

1kk views

Luis Giordano says:

in beta Widow’s Kiss sounded like a railgun

Powerhouse Green says:

I can’t tell which voice actress sounds worse, Mercy’s or Widowmaker’s. Blizzard made the right choice replacing them ol

Marcos Eduardo Castro says:

me playing sniper in a nutshell

Kurumi LeBlanc says:

one shot one kill

jameshampton says:

I really want the old widowmaker back I kinda like the voice but how fast the scope goes up compared to now

StickzzTheYoutuber says:

Professionals have standards.
Be polite.
Be efficient.
Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

Play Helix says:

the audio quality makes me want to kill myself

Third Nipple says:

I love how the mercy was damage increasing her the whole game instead of healing other people

FC Mania says:

“One shot, one kill. (won’t even hear it coming)”

Genji says:

Movie pls

Law YT says:

Your a savage bro keep up the good work

simon cao says:

was hyped for this. But then realized that I’m suck at FPS games. I will pass xD

Jay Snake says:

what is the infiltrator class here? genji?

R3ALIST.Mullaa says:

im so glad they changed most of the voices becuase they were honestly the worst ive ever heard in my 1 year of existance lmao

Scotty boi 69 says:


kream says:

2:59…………….. L

Etny2k says:

How to play widow: drink lots of coffee and keep shootin.

Leonid 4B says:

look like quake for players without balls.

Julien Panard says:

Did they change the voice actress for Widowmaker

Eisa Shahid says:

Did they change the voice actor in development?

Alec Rodríguez says:

I can’t count the number of times I’ve shouted “USE THE ASSAULT RIFLE” while watching this video.

IcyHD says:

I really can’t believe this was a whole year ago.

Setnja92 says:

When I see him play, I begin to hope that there will be something like matchmaker : – /

CarLos says:

what do you use to record

Edward Cole says:

“I can do this all day” widow is lucio confirmed

Karol Mańkus says:

Farah is Your favourite target? xD

Mr. Cuttystabby says:

How does one obtain the Noire skin?

ApotheosisTK117 says:

8:06 Reinhardt downs Mercy and Widowmaker just executes her, what a brutal kill ToT

WOLF says:

Is it me or they changed her voice actor…?

The Worst Widowmaker Ever says:

Yeah, I’m glad they changed her voice. She sounds much better in the finished version.

Callity says:

Only thing I see different between this and retail is the hud. The rest of it looks identical.

Inflamedcar8628 Lets play says:

Tracer is the best charachter

Marcus Knak says:

She’s soooo hottt

M M says:


Nice meme Kiddo says:

Really wish they would’ve kept that charge sound effect, sounds so cool and would have been nice since I main her


Why does this person keep trying to engage with characters at point blank range, especially the heavy close quarter characters, when Widowmaker is obviously intended to be a Sniper?

The idea of using superior positioning, range, strike & relocate all seem lost on this person. Instead they seem to be trying to play a close quarter run & gun play style game, that would be more suited to a character like Tracer or Reaper.

Marcus Fenix says:

she will be my main *-*

Donald Williamson says:

that kill at 07:51 was so wrong. :p

Atomic QBomb says:

Mercy is so much like the medic from tf2 XD

Rowynne Yap says:

Some of her dialogue sounds like it’s from Vainglory etc.One shot one kill (Kestrel) and I could do this all day (Ringo)

Gag1800 says:

Hey Conker Live and Reloaded had a sniper rifle called the Widowmaker, and Mass Effect had a two snipers called the Widow and the Black Widow respectively and now Overwatch has a Sniper class called the Widowmaker? What’s with snipers and widows?

Weeknight says:

Nice gameplay. I got some widow maker gameplay on my channel as well 😀

TheLonelyTurnip says:

Why was her chin so long in this version. She looks so different now

TeuFox says:

Im so happy they fixed her face, In this version she looks like a man. XD

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