WATERWORLD in GTA 5! Race Gameplay!

Waterworld (1995) – In a future where overconsumption of light beer has caused the world’s population to urinate so much that sea levels rise and submerge most of the land on earth, a mutated Lawrence Sonntag reluctantly plays Grand Theft Auto in order to prove the supremacy of the new humans, or “Newumans”.

Co-starring James Willems as The Mad Mariner, Adam Kovic as Admiral Gruntbottom, and featuring DarkBillie as The Boy Who Cared, Waterworld cost over $70 to make, and never recouped its initial investment. Shot entirely on location in Death Valley, CA, the water had to be shipped in from both coasts, and is considered now to be the start of the current California drought.

On its release, Rogbart Engber gave Waterworld the rating of “I dunno, a couple’a fingers,” citing its excessive reliance on fart jokes and animal porn. However, time has been kind to this film, and it is now widely regarded as a “lost classic” of mid-mid-90s cinema.

Waterworld: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/R_qTnJMB2UaQk4VHqjQ6wQ

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oAirehko says:

I just remembered an old game called elasto-mania.

KennySkate55 says:

Rip Muhammad Ali… We’ll miss ya

Roger Dalzell says:

dark billie is in 2 videos

Fresh Noofs says:

6:29 James says he’s a ramp. I remember back in IG when Adam aka Jabmin Crabmitts said that he’s NOT a ramp

Rapaladude says:

I thought I was the only one who did that in the shower.


well I just got back from the doctor and they say it’s terminal

Faffy Waffle says:

How do you know if it’s a “no-wiper” unless you wipe? Do you just make a guess???

Casey Steger says:

Cassius Clay – “Join a new popular religion and bash everyone including your own race for not practicing said religion”

El Escolta says:

Somebody needs to make a Darkillie compilation video…

Dr Politically Incorrect says:

james penis looks like gonzo’s nose… now their marriage makes sense!

Jankiss R. Maher says:

I think the best feeling is taking a shit while watching funhaus

Mason Andrew says:

shout to no wiper gang

Arturo Vazquez says:

That Sandra always plays with them

coffin says:

this video made me fall in love with funhaus in the first place. i am forever grateful.

T1mel1ne - says:

I laughed my face off.
My actual face.
Best video on the channel.

Mark McElroy says:

I can’t believe I’ve just been accepting all your bullshit facts about movies all this time.

templars0 says:

I’ll never understand the hate for waterworld I liked that movie.

Chase Leee says:

james evin i seen it and im 13

Spider Jerusalem says:

That Shorcut scream was perfect!

Shoe Attack says:

I call it a “Lazy Shit”

Felipe Catz says:

“Its like gargagling but with your butthole”

Willow says:

This is the most frustrating thing to watch

drewdogg416 says:

is he wearing a breaking Benjamin shirt?

jutubaeh says:

hausse of the lice in sunkist ^ ^

Dawson F.W. says:

2:09 That’s a pipe.

TheLewdOtaku says:

What’s their set up? How do they get steam notifications and shit?

Bombur The Mighty Dwarf says:

10:38 Who the fuck said “swish” there?! o_o

thriveEK says:

RIP Muhammed Ali

Zero says:

So glad they beat darthbillie.

John Pun says:

damn they are so funny !!

sw204me says:

Front flip for distance….that makes my head hurt…

Jasper tiffen says:

Get rid Joel

Matt Roop says:

kill the animals!? I just watched agdq

Meru Hibari says:

some people don’t wipe/wash after they poop??? that’s a little disturbing…

Jamie Mikkelsen says:

putting the subtitles on on this video makes it infinitley funnier

cirnoakasoda says:

Shoving fingers into poi? You mean Yuudavhi from Kancolle,, right?

CebsJr says:

fuckin darkbillie

LostSubsForever says:

Funhaus killed Muhammed Ali. Because they talked about him a year ago.

Stephlaun says:

Lol omg XD

Josue Covarrubias says:

gg billie

Taltemaru Takanash says:

float like a thing, and die.

– Ali

MegaNightmare4 says:

Do… do all mammals menstruate?

Lazy Lizard says:

A ghost poo: when you don’t have to wipe after a shit

Brendon Dellinger says:

13:05 A Legend Speaks.

MaserXIV says:

Yuudachi – “Poi”

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