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Playing Some Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team! Picked Up Positional Hero Demarco Murray & Testing Him Out! Make Sure To Hit That Like Button For More Content Like This

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Angelo Harris says:


LOCO_COCO_707 says:

“We put points up on offense” lol ur supposed to for yourself not him haha

Connor Elliott says:

who tryin to wager on ps4??

Average Gamer says:

So Adam you got your players out here catching tips? ….I’m out lmao

Kurai Konton says:

good game I subbed to you

Deshawn Hopkins says:

JMellFlo sent me to you

Mdawn3550 Mdawn army says:

Your awesome

Tenzin Lhatse says:

Can’t watch your videos at all. All you do is rage and complain about the game. When you lose you never give credit to your opponent. Instead you blame EA and curse every sec. Seriously all your videos sucks. Go watch KOUPPA’s videos and learn from him. His videos are so funny and fun to watch at the same time.

Quit Youtube. This aint for you.

Fumble Forcer says:

5:36 LMAO

CWF says:

You a beast bro

Enzo says:

love your videos bro u r so funny lol

Jon Willis says:

lol Ben Rapistberger

Timothy Crutchfield says:

I would love to take your money you suck

MR.BunnyEars says:

I would wager u but it would be easier if u just raped me and took all my coins

Pickdroppers says:

Btw Adam, Ben Rothleisburger is an ALLEGED rapist

Anthony Hope says:

wager match xbox one anyone?

MR.BunnyEars says:

If u disliked this video u will drop a open pass in madden!!!

Oh shit it will happen anyway fuck!

Ryan Amer says:

this kid would be crying and moaning even he was winning by 100 points

Mdawn3550 Mdawn army says:

Hey bro

Kyle says:

Jmell sent me, new sub ☺️

Mizzy Mike says:

Gg from today

Venom says:

Suggestion: You should go back to showing your opponents team before the match. I liked that. Besides that, good video.


hahahahahah I’m trash y’all chill

Christian L says:

it is a wonderful game cause they bail ur ass out and you dont win all ur games

Van Dang says:

Phrases you can count on hearing in each GPH video.. 1: “Tired of pulling so many packs..” 2: “That’s a DOTTTTT!” 3: “Come on EA…”

Josue Melendez says:

Reed a goon

tommy maginnis says:

New zeke elliot or ph demarco

Hugo Lopez says:

You play bums

NY G says:

Now that ur wagering again make the team u want instead of keeping all the new cards

Zakeyas Blake says:

Love your videos bro you deserve so many more subscribers keep it up

Aj_24 says:

Adam sometimes I dont know why you still play this shit game because it fucks you

king6eor6e says:

GamingPowerHouse ADAM how is clowney a 97 at right end?? Chems don’t activate when out of position. Driving me crazy bro!!!

Kj Burns says:

rephisburger shit funny

Coleman Young says:

Great vid shoutout to jmell giving you a shoutout so I could find your channel

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