VIKING VILLAGE BUILDER! Northgard gameplay – Northgard: new city builder game!

Northgard game is an interesting new town builder and conquest game. Grow a village of vikings and expand to capture new territory of wolves and other vikings! Northgard gameplay is simple to understand but challenging and should be a fun title for those of you who enjoy the blend of RTS and builder the game captures.

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__What is Northgard
Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology in which you control a clan of Vikings vying for the control of a mysterious newfound continent.

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.Sad Wedding by CyberSDF
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Explodingpineapple 64 says:

im a taco, give me likes

Stormfang TB says:

The winter theme is really looking good

Don P says:

Enjoyed your Planetbase series, this looks like a really fun game as well.

MrBrainspider says:

Healers will heal any of your units slowly over time as long as they are in an area controlled by you.

Thegamecenter 93 says:

Tnx tinypirate, now I’m going to play a new game (this)

Adam Curry says:

sad face..its lock for 5 more days.. dam u making me addicted to games haha

TANK`s Gaming says:

Looks very intresting i might get that as well when it releases for every one.

DaMobster 7807 says:

You should station a warrior in every province

Madison Atteberry says:

First off, WELCOME BACK TINYPIRATE! Second There’s another unclaimed tomb above the ruins. I think it would worth a look.

ArthurEKing8472 says:


Chris Pridmore says:

Takes me back to my years of playing Settlers II

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