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Playing Some Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team! Picked Up Ultimate Legend Brian Dawkins & Testing Him Out! Make Sure To Hit That Like Button For More Content Like This

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Austin S says:

We love u mann… but please play the game without complaints its for your own good cause thats why ur getting hate

MrKermKerm says:

you should try that 94 Kelvin Benjamin and finally you drop that Brian Dawkins

lukewebb96 says:

who would play wager game against a 98 when you have a 89,,,,lol

Jacob Hall says:

he just donated you 150k for a shoutout lol

Raptor King says:

First comment

PlayBOI says:

Damn your defense is playing like mine they just ball smack even if the ball gets stuck in their face mask they just smack it down.

Miguel Miranda says:

Hey can I get one of your players

Nelson Bautista says:

I feel u Adam with this ea bullshit

dajahun massie says:

Great vid as usual Adam You know any other play books that that cheesy ass Power O is out of

Steven Villa says:

this guy is a bum. running verts hoping for a bail out play

KeithYoJungz says:

Funniest video I’ve seen in a while, and I laugh so hard when EA fucks you over idk why it’s just to funny bc your reactions are gold

Nickapa says:

@gamingpowerhouse if you’d like to wager me sometime message me on psn. Have no problem passing upfront – 95 OVR

Tobias Pahl says:

dawkins= best fs in game

Jason Ponce says:

What’s that “T” chem?

Tobias Pahl says:

please Keep dawkins

Based God says:

Let’s eat!

terrence hewitt says:

Is he gonna try out any of the daily login players??

Bobobashi Rampage says:

what was the play book?

Aaron Storm says:

Dude is that an actual song in the beginning part of the video? Like the whistling song when you preview the team before the game starts. Shit is so positive I wish it was playing all the time lol

Will Terry says:

You got robbed of so many picks.

jackie johnson says:

yo Adam I’m a steelers fan real talk you gotta put some respect on my man big Ben and say his name right

Mateo McCartney says:

yo Adam how you liking copper?

Epicboy2003 says:

I’m losing respect for u being a Ravens fan every vid u run with Big Ben

KRAMER102591 says:

bruh your opponent had a straight up welfare team, why would he ever agree to wager you lmaoo

Jalen Alexander says:

whats yo play book

Andrew Craig says:

What are the best play books for cover linebackers ?

PlayBOI says:

Ben Rapistsberg & Adrian Beathisson

Pickdroppers says:

U stayed calmer than you should’ve in this video. Dropped/swatted 5-6 picks, crazy. Great video my man, keep it up

Tim S says:

I love playing players that is in love with four verticals lol.

Ryan Brunelle says:

damn u beat that guy faster than the media guy could get away with bradys jersey

Mtube23 says:

I watched ur wager vs Gmia and it was Nice

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