Vaper Games – Chinese Game Show Trailer by Ave40! VapingwithTwisted420

Pretty crazy right? Had to share! lol

Disclaimer : As of hours of me uploading this Ave40 decided to pay me for doing so! Super cool!And I have no issue with that. lol So just a heads up! It pays to like weird shit. lol

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Thanks for watching once again! And please…..PLEASE remember to stay sexy!

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Joseph Yuscanitch says:

Hey twisted im useing a 30 watt box mod with the griffin rta and i cant get any type of coil build to read on my mod can u help

Anthony P says:

Can someone please translate the theme song?

洪辉豪 says:

i feel insulted as an Asian fml thats stupid

Jordan Crawford says:

%75 of our products come from Ave40!

NxtDot says:

what mod was that in the intro

omgitskyle 28 says:

And is that vape bukake..?

NickandM says:

I love your videos, they cheer me up when the rest of the world is a depressing evil mess.

Herman Alcaraz says:

Lol love it

ck mods says:

how the hell is the game played lol

devonbmoor says:


omgitskyle 28 says:

Hey twisted420, I wanna send u some stuff, how do I go about that??

paddy reardon says:

do I detect a slick Patrice O’Neil reference?

DJ Tru Luv says:

Game show looks gay

lewis cabrera says:

twisted i have a question, i new a need vape but i dont know witch one to get can you help me out

Dildo Swaggins says:

Tell the cops it was a bunch of Chinese gangsters

Karen Presley says:

Does look interesting to say the least. lol My son would love your shirt. He grew up with the turtles. 😉

Jax Miller says:

thank Twisted that looks awesome

J.Miller 13 says:


eat meat says:

the others that are running this trailer also ran across it and got paid,of course you should also-wink wink

4HitsWilystyle says:

I have been subbed/watching for a year or so and I never knew you had a logo! let alone a homepage… anyways lol it took me about 10 minutes to figure out your logo!
and yea that vaping show looks pretty dope. be awesome if you became a spokes person or the channel host of the videos.

Tech_bloodbath says:

man vaporshark sucks. had 2 rdna 40s a dna 40 flask and a 200 all die outside of warranty. waste of like 600$ over the last 2 year. never again…

Derek Kennedy says:

hay twisted remember your cloud chasing Video you should do a now and then video

Jeremiah Tooles says:

Did I just witness someone drink a bottle of juice!? My. God. Lmao

greg schultz says:

Hey Richard, u are a very awesome dude! thanks for the entertainment and all you do for us simple vapers, and Brogurt and missionary were amazing!

Timothy Espanta says:

the concept is great the people doing it is weird

joey1309120 says:

Can you please make a budget ballers blue raz slushy? I love tightwad and would love a blue raz version.

Guildenstein Foutch says:

Damn Fatboy nyteblade/ so sorry to hear that man.

Turk says:

breast feeding a goat?
ah you’ve seen that one too? 😀

FatBoy NyteBlade says:

this is my first birthday without my dad and my second one without my daughter. thanks for bringin the happy back to my birthday twisted

Anthony P says:

I wonder if they use the Buddah RDA. Ha!

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