Upcoming Video Games and Trailers 2015 – 2016 HD

A video that shows some of the upcoming games in 2015 and early 2016.. Enjoy;)

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This is part 1! Click the links under to see the rest:
►Part 2 http://bit.ly/1lzPcHb
►Part 3 http://bit.ly/1tSuPou
►Part 4 http://bit.ly/1qn4rlm
►Part 5 http://bit.ly/1qSGP5n

What games and when:

00:00 Far Cry 4
05:45 The Division
09:57 Quantum Break
11:17 Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age
12:07 Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege
18:29 Mad Max

There was some issues with my last upload on Upcoming Video Games and Trailers! And this seems to work fine:)
So enjoy:)

What games are you looking forward to see? Share in the comments.

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josh Mcmaster says:

farcry4 come out in 2013!.NOT 2015!!!!

AEEA says:

Rainbow Six Siege looks like a fun cooperate game, although it feels like an updated Counter-Strike with a storyline, set in a diffrent set-up, and if not location. But it nevertheless, it looks like fun.

Isra says:

2015 720p??? cmon

Freakzontour says:

rainbow six siege would be such a nice game if there were no cheaters that would take over such a game.
like every other game they do. sad times. no gamecompany invests into anticheats nor do they care after a release.

Nolan Stockwell says:

The hostages look so realistic, with player interactions. While I might not agree videogames make people violent, this might have mental reprecusions. Imagine if you were a terrorist, and the bot was begging for her life, and you just put a gun to her head and said anybody moves, I kill her. I think the realism might be an issue.

burger BOB says:

best movie

Atheer Raed says:


William Morin says:

I always though that those who create video game should also be the ones who make movies.

caacashey says:

a Ubisoft fanboy video. Far Cry 4 doesn’t even belong here, moron!!

Officer Clever says:

I’d like to hurt 4:25

MashAble Gameplay And Trailer! says:


海角天涯 says:


Flyy720 says:

Rainbow six siege is awesome but if you’re playing online with cocksucking noob pieces of shit you’re just going to rage quit just like in gta5 heists

unbekannte 555 says:


Chelsea Fc says:

they should make a game about the movie I am legend

KidsPlanet says:

Liked your vid:)

Net Coralde says:

nba 2k17?

Ricky Clark says:

Rainbow 6 Chinese game Mad Max 2 game WHOOP WHOOP

Mark Dost says:

Lol just saw the rainbow siege trailer, ice played the beta and it’s so much different, btw no heli drops

Bengt Åke In the House says:

I love the divison trailer and why the hell is not ghost recon wildlands in this video!

Salim Al-Jabry says:

Im still playing on my playstation one. I am playing atm Jurassic park

علي علي says:

ماتنطيني الفلم الثالث كامل

VividlyVindicated says:

Never let it be said Max was never a merciful man. 😛

FragmanCeviri says:

Kanalımızda istediğiniz oyun fragmanını türkçeye çevirip yayınlıyoruz. Sadece videolarımızdan birine yorum olarak istediğiniz videoyu yazmanız yeterli ! İyi izlemeler.

Hisham Elzanaty says:

beautiful game! Well I hope It stays that way!
hisham elzanaty

Thomas Moll says:

rainbow six: siege was the most staged “live recording” i ever saw. wtf.

Amber Johnson says:


Chloe Spencer says:

Very Very Fight in this game, I like it.

Arqueólogo de Vídeos says:


onat çoruh says:

where is mgs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rahul Choudary says:

this video fiste game name

Angry Squirrel Productions says:

17:48 that guy should move his thumb down, the slide on the gun could take his hand off.

durivaux lucas says:

farcy 4 -2014

Nate Huffmaster says:

The division gonna be goo af

Jay Davis says:

was that an old rainbow six

Tripp Only says:

Far Cry 4 is Awesome!

A.G. Martinez says:

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I wish they made the Gta character a free runner and step up his fighting capabilities.

Clash of Cats says:

My Top Games on the List
1. Division
2. Six Siege
3. Quantum break

Alex Medlin says:

Far Cry 4? What’s going on here?

ıuguyo konelreo says:

where is fucking hunt.

Songs Central says:

why there’s no the rising of tomb raider ?

josh Mcmaster says:

and it isn’t the farcry4 4 trailer there showing the start of the game!

Boruto Uzumaki says:

I didn’t see hunt on ps4


Prototype 3 for ps3!

Feil Vei says:

I have bearly heard about Farcry 4, but that guy with the white hair… I KIND OF found him interesting, I liked his personality. Well, everything but the “evil thing” with him.

Tom Bombadil says:

Far Cry 4 has gayest looking villain ever

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