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Isabel Magallanes says:

Trent is not cute
not like juice

Chris Bethea says:

Trent hit the folks and dab like a nerd

JustForFun lolz says:

Why does Trent always grab his balls

Zachary Peddy says:

roasted so ass by Trent

Jimmy Acevedo says:

juice look like chance the rapper…..

Aidan Armstrong says:

he can not dab

Lawrence Simpson says:

Trent is a good player

Atlanta Falcons says:

Is your dog ok?

Nappi Gang says:

trent is funny

cooper bashaw says:

trent sucks

keith price says:

Team Trent

T Mitchell says:


TC_SkLZ Modz says:

i wanna play a subscriber game.

Colton Switzer says:

/hack kidding

The Savage says:

Trent stop the cring in the name of the lord

markula says:

I forgot about the rule of advancing a fumble on 4th down.

Camron Gaston says:

juice look like a box head

KelForel says:

falcons suck green bay packers and patriots are the best and my 2 favriote team and patriots lost 2 and falcons lost 5 and about to lose in the superbowl

Katrina Williams says:

can we see the panthers vs the jets

Tim Ross says:


KING Videos says:

Juice is buns at Madden get him a different game.

Trey Jones says:

Team Trent for life

jacob The King says:

the falcons blew another lead just came back to watch the vid BUT #TEAMJUICE

IVAN-clogs Gaming-and more says:

Haha u not good

Florida State Is The Best says:

What playbooks do they use

toi torrence says:

Buddha or BJ challenge

Crazygirls 1219 says:

Trent can’t dab

Elaine Derosiers says:

you guys should post a video of you guys pie face showdown and the lowser gets hit

Brooke Britt says:


MrLukeNoe says:

Trent is crazy

gochipurself says:

Dion your brother is not even funny he’s just straight annoying dude.. just dead annoying. You gotta tell him to chill.

Omari Asante says:

this boys trash

Isabel Magallanes says:

Trent is not to fuckinnn cute


I sleep with yo ma

Maxwell Carter says:

sorry my sis pushed me so i messed usering up

kjbilda says:

calm down dude its just a pick

Victoria Zarco says:

were you being Julio Jones

derpy boy says:


Kendrick Booker says:

no hatein why y’all playing on all pro all Madden is harder I want to play y’all hit me up @oi5300 ps4

Denzell Wilson says:

Stephan Curry LeBron James Westbrook John Wall Pie Face

Dominic Metoyer says:

2:11 that music is smooth criminal from michael jackson

KD Gilyard says:


Becky Vasilovski says:

guy that won the game is ugly boyyyyyy

Maxwell Carter says:

trent sucks at defense as u can see he might be ushering but he’s leaving everyone open juice is right trent does suck even though I’m a fan of the panthers please like and comment

Kelvin Chung says:

Is he mentally ill?

Maxwell Carter says:

he might suck at both he literally threw is right to the falcons player lol cam newton tackled him

Nichole Janca says:

do a basetball one

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