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Farrel Alghiffari8 says:

How cool is that

Tristán Pendragon says:

Twisted metal black is the best game of the series

AuruZ says:

too bad they didnt ad this race to online

Too damn spicy says:

those explosions at the end were fucking terrible. I was expecting the roads and bridge to collapse and some of that dramatic shit, not just a few pops.

Homo Sapiens says:

I like this race

Hans David says:

I prefer twisted metal in remote control car form, not real car like this, I miss the old one (PS1)

FireNeptune98 says:

You’re a good driver

GSN Bandicoot says:

I seriously can’t fucking undesrstand why so many people hate that the races in the game… I mean, there was just 1 race for each story :P, for me was fun, specially the dollface’s race.

Sapharan says:

As much as i hate most remasters, i wouldn’t mind this on ps4

Usop Salim says:

since when tm had race man thats soo bad nice graphic………. but bad gameplay

Alvaro Alas says:

this game was so much fun

Camilo Aldair Núñez Pincheira says:

People were complaining about this game and called it a “disapointment” but i can’t realize why, i mean all twisted metals that i play in my entire life were TM3 and TM Black, it’s curious but in all this time i never had the chance to play this one but for me it looks funny as hell! come on this is the TM whit most content and options for playing, many modes and nice but y mean nice! ghraphics. but sure it appears that TM2 was the one, the gold!, the best, and black was close to that but this was just “disapointment” and i don’t know why. Explain or bleed Motherf****rs!

rodrigometal09 says:

omg!! what did they do to ps1 twisted metal? they ruined it!!!! fuck off

edgetables says:

Twisted Metal? This looks more like that movie death race

Daniel Lee says:

cod black ops 2 narrator xD

madjimms says:

Vigilante 8 for N64 was 100% better.

Nemesis says:

OMG when I see this, it makes me realize how much I miss BLUR ! 

Hangelluz eduardo Vilela says:

Where’s the music??

Hwoarang says:

Twisted Metal 4.Even the music was the best!

Dee Dimitrova says:

they made twisted metal way too twisted .. I almost broke up with my boyfriend playing co-op .. wtf

Cristalbelial says:

I never played a TM game but my god even on ps3 this is sooo bad.

Henri Reinsalu says:

mad max + death race?

Nikki Wright says:

2:04 lucky :3

federico pamparatov says:

horrible game. i dont why is so famous…

PLASM4T1X says:

my favorite twisted metal is the small brawl but this is excelent <3

James Nixon says:

This is a fun game.

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