TRYING TO FLY!!! – Assetto Corsa (Xbox One Gameplay)

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We’re back in Assetto Corsa Xbox One Edition testing out the Logitech G920. We talk about the good and the bad of Assetto Corsa on the Xbox One and give a mini Assetto Corsa Review. If you enjoyed this Assetto Corsa Xbox One Gameplay, you can subscribe down below for more!

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Disclaimer: This video was sponsored by 505 Games to feature Assetto Corsa on Xbox One.

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Michael Audeau says:

bac mono


Cj Bishop says:

The f40 /xbox1

Desu Gamer says:

I really want try my dream car the Nissan GT-R NISMO

jebadia dmmd says:

i would love to drive the Mcleran P1

ice bear gaming says:


Sean McGeeney says:

Really excited for tgat Lotus, Xbox

Noah Martin says:

I got an ad for Assetto Corso

tacoliver says:

i have always wanted to try the new gtr

Damien Gawler says:

Ferrari 599 XX EVO

Dirk Groot says:

I want to slide the toyota supra

ULTRA_SD70ace productions Productions says:

599xx fxxk

Robin Miles says:

I am defienetly the most hyped about the supra :O

Xbox One

FunnyBoys DK says:


Gabriel González Fernández says:

Porsche 911 GT3- Xbox one, even though i’m here too late

Brandon O'Brien says:

i cant wait for the supra (ps4)

NASCAR Nick says:

no xbox 360????? that sucks

Jose' Sammut says:

I’m looking forward to drive the Porsches cause I never bought the Porsche Expansion on Forza… Xbox One

BlueHat says:

Well you definitely drive like a Forza player :/

jebadia dmmd says:

xbox one

SpiecableGamer says:

Xbox one | always wanted to try the aventador

Ferrari Han23 says:

You know, Assetto Corsa reminds me of Project Cars but with a lot less glitches and bugs and has more care put into it. It even has Ferrari and Lamborghini and Porsche DLC packs!!!!! Well done, 505 Games

SpooderSpomBomb 7 says:

ferrari 599 fxk


Would love a porches gt4. Xbox one

Chaos Zombie999 says:

Do you need Xbox Gold?

Derick Jones says:

xbox one

Driftin Boiii says:

wanna try some drifting in ae86 hachiroku life Xbox one i love tofu

dramen says:

What are your settings for this game with the G920? I can’t quite seem to find the right balance, any tips? (anyone?).

Game Boy says:

I’m hoping to try out Mclaren p1

Romilly Nash says:


Noah Holombo says:

Nick you cock there’s an old Ferrari F1 car

zarni Paing says:

i would like the m4

jenny watson says:

the following user says thank you very much for your time and effort and time for the delay

Nuinto says:

Oh, theres a Ferrari F40

Kutaro San says:

hyped for the Porsche 918 xbox one

FunnyBoys DK says:

Maclaren P1

Romilly Nash says:

The newest Aston Martin it looks sick in thus game

Collin Weaver says:


Anthony Van says:

Aventador SV looks and sounds amazing in this game. Love to take that thing around Italian hometown Monza and Nurburgring as well.

Jalen Dorsey says:


Krishan Patel says:

p1 xbox one

DreamsWithImpact says:

You look like Oliver from Hannah Montana :O

Collin Weaver says:


Scott Collazo says:

I would love to drive a porsche

Khaos Guardian says:

Ar no kidding you look like drake from drake and josh

Kimberly Wozunk says:

Fiat 500

Xbox one

John Whitty says:


Peritocraft,Minecraft Videos And More says:

pagani zond

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