Toxikk (Free Online FPS): Watcha Playin’? Gameplay First Look

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Toxikk is an online first-person shooter built with technology from today and gameplay that tries to recreate the spirit of older and classic shooters such as Quake Arena and Unreal Tournament. It kinda succeeds. Toxikk includes a free version with a few limitations, but you can play the core game with this free version.

Watcha Playin’? is a FreeMMOStation show where we give you a first look with commentary on the most popular free-to-play MMO games available.

Video made by Skylent Shore:
Intro Music: The Easton Ellises ( )

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Peter li says:

it looks like it has some pretty good graphics o.o and you actually move pretty fast it seems so you can dodge shit. i’ll try it.

Praise to be Allah says:

Free online FPS? are you on crack i guess, the game is 19,99€ on steam

Derp Plays says:

This game broke it’s own all-time peak yesterday at 1.630 players. 800 are online right now.

MasherMedia says:

Probably going to become the biggest eSport for the next couple years

Unie Verse says:

Unreal Tournament -cough cough-

Kolya Vashchishin says:

7:00 hahah XD

Moon Shade says:

Let’s hope the uh, community won’t be uh… you know, toxic.

Eh. Eh eh. Eh eh eh eh.

Joe Martin says:

i had the game, played it for couple of hours and was like meeehhh.
not the type of games for me, it feels so chaotic and mindless shooter.

iIi ENT says:

i dloaded this today and you post this vid! sadly im at work so i cant play but wooot a first look

DrakeSlator says:

Demo? Already lost interest. Didn’t waste time on them in the 90’s not going to now when the new Unreal Tournament is completely free.

Kousuke-shii says:

Game looks intense! My shit PC won’t be able to handle it though.. T__T

Zetek's An Otaku says:

I hope it stays f2p

Witty Euphemism says:

Flamethrower: Its a flamethrower.
Ravager: Chainsaw (dunno what its alt is, so maybe not)
Pistol: Pistol from UT3
Violator: Assault Rifle from UT2004
Bullcraft: Shotgun from Half Life 2
Stingray: A combination of the Link Gun and Shock Rifle from UT
Falcon: its a sniper rifle.
Cerberus: the AVRIL from UT
Hellraiser: Okay, you get where im going.

Not saying theres anything WRONG with this game, but it just seems like if you were gonna buy the full version of this, youd do better just to get UT3 or 2004/3

Especially considering its not that popular right now 🙁

Ashish says:

Is free version toxic free…?

Mechaninjalo says:

Hop hop hop bunny sim, I’ll pass

ilker yoldas says:

Not fast enough

D drednaut says:

how can i download this game?

Kerwin Fernandes says:

great video.. God Bless!! 😀

Juan Pablo Torres says:

This looks freaking intense.

dx bx says:

the guns reminds me of borderlands, looks like a rip off.

peromiestiloesunico says:

looks an play awesome

Pineapple Pawnch says:

Want a real gunz remake or idc about free shooters, but then again I’m getting old so idk if my fingers can handle it lol.

Voidsworn says:

What is the name of the game in the opening of the video?

Muhah hahaa says:

Funny how the game was completely free2play now its not

GethZealot says:

Tutorial jump:
Jump, walljump, shiftjump, walljump, double jump.

just an assumption

JDM12983 says:

Bunny hoppers everywhere! >< lol

Ronak Nanda says:

Is it me Or he talks a bit too fast and he talks too much

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