TOTAL WAR : WARHAMMER Trailer (2015)

Rules have changed, enter a new era of warfare in Total War : Warhammer!
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First Jocker says:

cool!! i wanna have that game! NOW!!!

404 not o found says:

why always tzeentch?

NightmareRoach says:

that guy needs to relax. Chaos is easy to defeat. We just need to not pre order the.

Pedro Vasque says:

i have a doubt, all the races want to conquer the world? i mean, do the dwarves and the elves and the empire want to conquer the world or they only live their lives and protect the world

beau ly says:

Slightly disappointed not to hear the trademark Total War jingle at the beginning.

fabian carcamo says:


omar sameh says:

can we use him in chaos army and summon this tzeench demon or hes final boss ?l also why we cannot summon greater demons in total war:warhammer?l

bulavo says:


Swansen Lock says:

Yes thanks.

Vlachy goes by Kuba says:

Why don’t they do a movie ?! WHYYYY ?! :'( !!

stephen connell says:

Business is Business= maximizing profit always.

Young Mula says:

Trailers always look insane, but you end up playing a fucking tetris.

Austin Winchester says:

Looks cool but I like the muskets skirmish better

15thTimeLord says:

Seems real dang cool. I’d watch the movie. (there doesn’t seem to be one what a shame)

SoWhoaWolf says:

fuck, you can write about the undead in a book and it will infect those who read it………holy shit.

RY1 Ryan says:

runescape 4

Eren Unnamed says:


Thomas Sokolich says:

oh my gosh. yes please!!! Lets hope this game is as good as the content its showing here in this trailer..

NastyStankyChicken says:

Why did they change the voice of the intro trailer? This guy was a far superior voice actor to the women who sounds like a robot talking.

Microbe1972 says:

Hahahaha… “our rules have changed”… how many times is GW going to change the rules? As long as they make (a lot of) money with it…

Kemonokami says:

I think this is GW’s way of saying “Sorry we killed off all of the factions in Warhammer Fantasy.”

Donegal513 says:

They should have made a Civil War Total War game before this fake crap.

Johnny Ultra says:

is the guy in the trailer archaon ?

isindri says:

Why the fuck they changed this badass voice to that crappy female one ? Why CA ?

Danilo Patrucco says:

why always tzeench ? i would like to see some slaneesh or khorne for a change!

Inalterum Mortis says:

It whispers and roars, in the dark it is, against us it is, it is unstoppable!

Douglass Whipple says:

I’m a little rusty, was that Tzeentch at the end?

DarkSoul485 says:

All hail the lord of change, may his everlasting thirst for war bring this world to ruin!

Brian Huis says:

Painful to watch now. Show Chaos in the trailer and then 180 and say ”no Chaos faction :3” fuck you CA

Steve LAI says:


zaect says:

it is so sad , i was waiting for something like , The Alexander Tale Totalwar or , Gilgamesh Totalwar , there soooooo much more great campaign that we didnt faced :l , whats about Tutankhamun The Son Of Gold Totalwar im depress , honestly , warhammer is a good game , but cmon , total war is historical , we could even do something like , bizantine or the templar area, like wtf , orc K just K

Tenebrousable says:

DLC bullshit? DLC bullshit.

Miklush Kovalenskii says:

In the end, Tzinch’s bird?

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