Top 10 Best City Building Games

The 10 best city building games of all time for PC, PS4, Mac OSX, Xbox 360, Android, iOS, and more! What are you favorite city building sim games and features? Let us know!

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10 Forge of Empires
iOS, Android

9 Lethis

8 Anno 2070

7 Dawn of Discovery (Anno 1404)
PC, Wii, DS

6 Banished

5 Tropico 5
PC, PS4, Xbox 360, MAC OS

4 SimCity 4 with Rush Hour expansion

3 Dwarf Fortress

2 SimCity 2000

1 Cities Skylines


Anno 2205


Concrete Jungle


Mark Schwäber says:

I love the Anno series. I grew up playing Anno 1404 all day long. With the addon Venice it’s even better. Also, i like 2070 a lot, because that game made me the half Anno veteran I am now xD

1yungjmoney says:

Dawn of discovery has to be the best one. City Sky Line. And Exile just sounds awesome.

NavyDwarf says:

Thank you all seems fun

Ailantd Sikowsky says:

AncientCities is another one coming soon. They are showing it from twitter right now:

Top 5 Channel says:

Sim city 5?

rasaecnai says:

banished can be a brutal game. I forgot to build houses so my population got old and my town eventually died

etele99 Barabási says:

The minecraft best builder program

Messouab Ayman says:


Mike LoPinto says:

Nook You Ler

UnwrotenWords says:

SimCity 5 would be on here if it was more like CitiesSkylines.

Effes Gaming says:

Yeah Cities Skylines I Love it

Joe Indvik says:

No mention of the classic Sierra city builders like Caesar, Pharaoh, Zeus, and Emperor??

Edo P. says:

just think, if BANISHED is in the top 10, how hard is the game industry trying?

ziad karim says:

i love simcity build it

KCG TheOneAndOnly says:


Zack Or Gregory Zwired Guet says:

Cities Skylines is the best city building game to me to

Nathan Mann says:

City skylines FTW IT So Good

Donald Trump says:

pornhub beats all these games. I’d take a pair of huge titties over a city building game, any day. Why didn’t you mention pornhub? bad list man.

Elmer Piludu says:

yeah we love building stuff so we can knock them down ^^

bror forsmann says:

what about Black & white 2?

Micah Rooks says:

city skylines

GamePlayWithNolan says:

Sim City 2000 is one of the best city building games i have ever played. I would highly recommend it.

Uncasual Games says:

Here is another one that is being developed for all of you, fans of ancient times:

St0rmzxx says:

Life is Feudal: Forest Village is another great city builder. It takes on many of the traits of banished but allows a few other mechanics as well such as a first person villager control feature so you can experience your village from the ground. Really good.

Elite vlogs and MORE POOP says:

simcity 2013 for life

Martin Jensen says:

¨what about factory

Elgon 2003 says:

simcity 5

Andrew Roy says:

I like to manage airports mostly

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