They Are Billions Gameplay – Zombie Defense Post Apocalyptic City Building

They Are Billions Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play They Are Billions and check out a new city building RTS set in a zombie infested post apocalyptic world!

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Alexander Suenson says:

You talk a liiiiiittle too much

komasdfg says:

free sniper tech at the start LOL

Fox and Leaves says:

I just bought this on steam because of this video. So thank you for showing it.

Ade Cairns says:

Not bad

AlleyXAndHer says:

You suck at this

Jof Manamtam says:

its.. alot of ram

Tiberius Marquez says:

I have a 2013 iMac. Will this run on it?

Devin Balasi says:

This looks hella fun

Kael Vanderkolk says:

I have Bindaphobia, but also controllaphobia, its a battle every day!

Anomaly says:

why do i hear the sounds of arrows?

Bree says:


david frankland says:

veryyyy hard game

Cernos says:

soo Action-RTS?

The WigginAcolyte says:

Whats that picture of in the thumbnail? It doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen

albedoshader says:

@ 0:04: “Which is an RTS strategy game”

No, it’s a _realtime_ RTS strategy game 😉

Aldo Mob says:

Pro Tips :
* Expand with archers because their quiet.. noise from soldiers guns can get you killed
* You just need 1 archer patrolling each choakpoint to your base at first
* Reroll the map a few times.. its random ASF and some maps are litterally impossible, should be fine most of the time tho but worth picking one you like the look of! choakpoints, resources ect
* Towers are a waste of money IMO
* TRIPLE layer walls are a must,but not right away.. just plan for it and right before a wave comes i usually spam more walls just to delay them if i know ill be struggling to defend it
* Using a single archer to kite/redirect some of the zombie hoard away from ur walls can save you ALOT of hassle for the first few waves, essentially facing 2 half hordes seperately instead of a giant death ball because even triple walls doesnt stop them on brutal

MOAR pro tips:

mostly its all about pushing your economy and expansion ASAP while learning how to deal with the waves/hordes as effiecently as possible.. once you work that out you will reach the final wave of brutal

from there its all about surviving the lag and praying you laid out your defences properly based on the layout of the map because a set number of zombies comes from each direction

BUT if the top half of your map is mostly blocked by mountains the “north” zombies will go east or west and clump up with the zombies there and end up overwhelming your defences at that side.. making your north defences useless and your side will be crushed and thats GG.. for the zombies!

and remember kids! “Venerate The God Emperor”

bowlchamps37 says:

Horrible gameplay.

Lechuga 1815 says:

7:31, “do you hear what I hear” is about nuclear war. #ruined

[V2] KILLER says:

why is this in my recommendations?

Kyle Hill says:

How similar is this to Battle for Middle Earth 2 which I play?

ZombiesAteMyGF says:

Another hyped up game everyone is going to regret buying

GreyFire Ocelot says:

for about 10 minutes, I was saying to myself “He needs to move those scouts up top further out…” then around 20 minutes in, poof, zombie slips by and screws the whole northern side lol

High Overlord Snarffie Beagle says:

I ate a total of 14 children in 2017.

Connor Bunch says:

Expected so see billions… actually saw like three

Robert says:

It’s an ‘RTS strategy game’ hmm… dumbass

Clorox Bleach agario says:

Who watched matt’s vid and wanted to see more of the game?

MegaPepsimax says:

I keep getting overwhelmed, seriously 5 scouts is not enough!

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