THE WHEEL & DONKEY CARTS! – Dawn of Man Gameplay – Prehistoric City Building Game

The Wheel & Donkey Carts in Dawn of Man Gameplay!

Learning how to make the wheel in Dawn of Man Prehistoric Gameplay and taming donkeys to pull carts! Who would of thought that the wheel and donkey would be useful in a prehistoric city building game? SpyCakes colony & civlization is advancing fast!

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About Dawn of Man Gameplay:

“Command a settlement of ancient humans, guide them through the ages in their struggle for survival up to a civilization in this new Prehistoric city building game . Hunt, gather, craft tools, fight, research new techs and face the challenges the environment will throw at you in this game. This is a new city builder game and you are the builder!”

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Human Crafter says:

I whant to see more in the future

Doctor. RC says:

I love dawn of man
Keep up the good work SpyCakes

Shadow Fox says:

Where did her head go on the left of the screen? Edit: 10:44

Mathlox gaming says:

I am letting u know that i love looking at you playing this game

Doctor. RC says:

Progress to the SNOTE WALLS

Caitlin Rand says:

Spy why did you have you eyebrow pierced when you did your room tour two years ago?

Bette SWEENEY says:

yes I do wunt to see that

قناة الحماس says:


ruben van der weg says:

love your chanel end evry game you do Please keep doing dawn of man end your the best youtuber ever!!!!!!

Nikolas Southall says:

Love your videos they are awsome and yes R.I.P pig that pig was a great pig and maybe even the best ever 🙁 R.I.P

Renea Sheber says:


Pokey says:

Place two towers near the gates.

Martin canji Andersen says:

can you play roblox with jelly and kwebbelkop plz

MLG_PLAYZ Law says:

Minecraft logic:the start of the video then turns into a zombie humenoid pig

Dason Huss says:

Donkey slavery


Amazing video Spy make more gmode brick rigs and scrap mechanic

Pokey says:

Spy, will you check out Rimworld again?

Joshua Carter says:

Pls make more love the content ! Rip pig

Rafid Hussain Tanvi says:

Keep doing this episode

Ethan Seastead says:

spycakes = g.o.a.t.!



Jack Strange says:

Spy, you just made stone henge

George Ivanov says:

Hey spy. What if next episode you are going to find an enemy fort and rade it???

unruly standoff says:


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