The Universim Medieval Gameplay! – Building a Sandbox City with Medieval Simulator Improvements!

The Universim Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play The Universim and check out a rad little city builder where you control a village full of nuggets who want to survive!

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Patrick Losee says:

But splatt, some rocks are magic…crack rocks

Elijah Alpha says:

whatever you do don’t put the dead bodies in the water it’ll contaminate the water

ephraim morris says:

Really hopeful for this one to be good. I feel like Early Access has been ruined. Thanks for keeping an eye on this one

Arf Bark says:

It’s called a god-sim Splatter.

Larz Bracken says:

Someones been watching Southpark.

Mk McGee says:

When you get the chance you should build a Weather Tower so you know when a storm is coming or if Winter is coming eairly.

wu1ming9shi says:

About the baby thing TOTALLY AGREE! (i don’t why i capped that…) First the job, then your hobby, then maybe a family.

DJ Barber says:

It’s – 10 degrees f here right now

DarkSpire14 says:


TinkyTheCat says:

A fast and sloppy Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion would be to subtract 32 and then divide by 2. So 20 Fahrenheit – 32 = -12 / 2 = -6 Celsius.
The freezing point is offset of 32 degrees, hence that step, and the actual conversion is something like 1.8, so 2 is good enough for government work… said the engineer.

KILLED88 says:

Excellent thanks Splatt

FlackJacket Gaming says:

we all are just making it brother

jackenape says:

Comment for comments’ sake.

Hassie says:

Please update your video descriptions so your patreon has HTTP in front of it so it is a hyperlink. It makes it exceptionally hard to go to your patreon when one must copy and paste the link. Play Blockship Wars: Roguelike as thanks for helping you 😉

Alex Purcell says:

Did anyone else catch that a boss and a hoe fell in love XD

Andrew McIntyre says:

Do they have a date when this is coming to steam?

AfromanKKK2 says:

Splatties a lier, he hates someone. His name starts with a D and ends with P.

white jester says:

awesome game show us more please

Tanki Boss says:

splatter can u plz play more ark survival like if you agree

ambi says:

Hey Splatt, you were able to get/find a job that makes you happy which is amazing imo. Keep up the vids!

Chris Goldman says:

“Oh glorious marijuana! I rub you on this knee scrape!” Killed me.

Redbad of Frisia says:

*sees* *mammoth* that’s some weird critter thing.

FiveCent Nickel says:


DA1MEXee says:

Splatter cat doesn’t want splatter kittens

Ivar - Merijn says:

20°F ≈ -7°C. Pretty cold imo

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