Madden 17 Ultimate Team Gameplay. Ryan Shazier is a MUST have card.

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Tyler Cupo says:

What’s a good offensive playbook?

TAGemUP says:


Mason Staton says:

what play book do you use

Thomas Pazderski says:

What play was that

Tim Maverick says:

Td u are a boss!

Miguel Ortega says:

at 1:12 when to ask what was that? that pass was a magic johnson no look bubble screen for the assist. lol

SuperAppleGaming says:

What run is that called and in what playbook?

Balls TheTalkingDog says:

That was the Derek Carr behind the back spiral

Jake Richard says:

haha i like how you said you should name the video the shazier show, then you did!

Ethan Ward says:

Yo TD what offense playbook you running?

Caden Unger says:

Just my opinion, shazier, when healthy, is the best overall linebacker in the league

Bennett Brake says:

Please do these daily!

DeJuan Martin says:

Play Toke if you can

SideshowGaming88 says:

check out our new vids sideshowgaming88

Kelly Marshall says:

Your mouth never closes.

_ flamesfan22 _ says:

Yo this boy got 2k likes and only 7 dislikes

Davis Kayumba says:

What’s that play at 5:24 it looks op

Boom Goes the dynamite says:

Hey TD how much does shazier go for plzz

Angel Reyes says:

get Richard Sherman plz

Joey Perez says:

Where are the vids with lnu


Do if every NFL player played for the city of there collage team

Carter Hamilton says:

how can your opponent tell if you’re running?

KL Gaming says:

Let’s go Boston Red Sox

Shnato says:

Great vid TD!

Someday I’d love to have the subs you have!

If you like Madden vids feel free to check mine out!

Lauren Murray says:

GЁТ Цnlimited MM Cash$Coin$ from here

Daniel Pav says:

Play action is real this year

Keaton Mueller says:

How’d you get the different jerseys and logo

PixLated Shots says:

Aye I just bought madden 17 I was wondering if you could give me a few 80 overall? I have ps4. I just bought it yesterday and my line sucks.

Adam Reece says:

You didn’t have K Mack in the game when you were looking for him. You’d be better off with a 4-3 playbook if you want a pass rush

Nate rinard says:

You the goat

Logan Webb says:

Do a fantasy thing in madden with kay

Dean Winchester says:

You’ve earned a sub lad

Savage Gamer08 says:

Who’s your head coach

Elevated Mj says:

What is his gamer tag on ps4

Burr Ciaran says:

Do the fantasy draft league with Kay

D'Andre Turner says:

What play was that?

Fanged Bubble Vlogs says:

by far my favorite youtuber, earned a like my friend

Simply Cool kid says:

HELP my madden mobile won’t load and I don’t wanna delete app anyone know how to fix????

MikeMUT89 Johnson says:

Are TD and Lost still friends?

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