THE SETTLERS – Pre Alpha Gameplay & Trailer – New Civilization City Building Game 2019

The Settlers is coming back in a big way. A new game in the franchise launches on PC in fall 2019, and a series collection that will include all seven previous The Settlers games is due this November. The new game will put players in control of a band of settlers who have fled cataclysmic events in their homeland to seek new lands to settle, explore, and conquer. The team at Ubisoft Blue Byte, helmed by series creator Volker Wertich, will introduce dynamic new features, including a new food system, a multi-worker job system, and alternative methods of victory, while still delivering the familiar gameplay mechanics that have defined the immersive strategy game for years

Release: Fall 2019 / Windows Pc

Game Website:


Adam Weaver says:

Bet thus is going to be DRM heavy and pretty much unplayable for the first couple of months after release…Been burnt before by Ubisoft

Peter says:

The Caucasian Settlers.

bakery clerk says:

looks too good to be true honestly. Wish I could get excited for games anymore.

Boekoe12 says:

Looks cool! Is there co-op?

Neil Matthews says:

Omg. Takes me state back to my amiga all them years ago.

modernhiendai says:

2:54 Climbed on top and jump down. Lol

Priyo M says:

my fav settlers game is heritage of kings

Trazors CS says:

Breaking stone walls with swords… meh i would rather like siege machines then

Михаил Костин says:

Stabbing walls with swords to make them collapse in 2018/2019? Well, at least it doesn’t set them on fire.

TheCrowncard says:

There is another settlement needs your hel….uuhh, I mean, needs your guide, here, let me Mark it on your map

Mochammad Escorta Bayu Samodera says:

Why town people wearing the same white and brown clothes?

Błażej Kapciuch says:

The most politally correct settlers ever. It should be called Settlers:Gender

João Gomes says:

Imagine a new Warcraft with these graphics.


its physics system looks good

Matan Kribus says:

wait. tnhe setllers? really? that old fail again?

Viking II says:

Shouldn’t be called “Settlers 8”?

Phyroson says:

Seems to be what it has to be.

Sven Helge Håheim says:

The perfect Settlers game to me would be the building and people management of the original Settlers games, S1+S2 with the strategic gameplay of the Anno series, and the combat diversity of Anno as well.

balweg says:

same graphics as before?

Azuraz Dandaridae says:

yeah thumbs down for the game because the first isn’t allowed to be released in Australia.

Hal Liganbar says:

Nice to see they’ve moved away from the childish cartoon style. But I remain skeptical… They’ve never been able to match settlers 2

Miloš Djapic says:

I would love to see individual levelling system.

pricture says:

Is it multiplayer/online only? (fucking hope not)

Pablo garrigos says:

It reminded me of good old days playing the settlers 5 😀

imkow says:

it would already be a failure if we couldn’t have 10,000 workers in this new game…

mathieu langlois says:

every settler looks the same, is that settler’s ? because it dosn’t looks like it

mr pea says:

Great to see another Settlers game in the works.

Kurši says:

i hope there are some different factions / ehtnic buildings.

VitaKet says:

Love this series

Ivan Juric says:

looks great, i just hope the music wont be so anoying…

Artillery Horse says:

pretty detailed, nice

ChlepZeSzynkom says:

O come on lads,bring it on PS4 also

Rymarczyk Maciej says:

Music is really climatic.

Laurynas G says:

Settlers 3, the best settlers.

Aaron Neumann says:

Looks pretty good for pre-alpha footage…

ll ll says:

How about adding siege machines

Tactical Exosuit says:


Don-Kolleone Kolleone says:

Die Siedler

MortSalazar says:

Can’t wait, can’t be worse than Settlers 7

Dm Knght says:

I’ll never forget Settlers 4

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