THE SECOND HORDE – They Are BILLIONS Gameplay Part 2 – City Builder Defense – Let’s Play Walkthrough

They Are Billions Gameplay Part 2 is a Steampunk strategy game set on a post-apocalyptic planet. Build and defend colonies to survive against the billions of the infected!
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They Are Billions is a strategy game in a distant future about building and managing human colonies after a zombie apocalypse destroyed almost all of human kind. Now there are only a few thousand humans left alive that must struggle to survive under the threat of the infection. Billions of infected roam around the world in massive swarms seeking the last living human colonies.
Game Modes
In the campaign mode, you have to help the surviving humans to reconquer their country. There are dozens of missions with different goals: building colonies, tactical missions, rescue missions… You can decide the path of progress and mission – research new technologies, advances and upgrades to improve your colonies and army.

Survival Mode
In this mode, a random world is generated with its own events, weather, geography, and infected population. You must build a successful colony that must survive for 100 days against the swarms of infected. It is a fast and ultra addictive game mode. We plan to release a challenge of the week where all players must play the same random map. The best scores will be published in a leaderboard.


jack says:

love this game gonna get it myself when its out fully

crooked cook says:

You can upgrade the tents to cottages

TheCommunistGamer says:

I would think that noise would be more important while defending, since you run the risk of drawing more attention to the place that’s being battered; whereas if you’re attacking rather than defending it would be less important since you would be attacking the ones you’re attracting anyway

Daniel Mize says:

“up, down, up, down, up, down” walls is a double wall. Very useful.

Chris Jenkins says:

More RTS ! First game I played on PC was Warcraft sorely miss good RTS games!

jack says:

thats yuuuge

crooked cook says:

You can upgrade the tents to cottages

Gitami says:

Always choose food for your mayor.

Maltor Ramus says:

love the game

C L says:

I”m assuming you haven’t played starcraft before?

Warmach1ne 32 says:

I wonder if the ballista can reach from your colony into that zombie town in the south west. If you place it outside your wall and guard it with 5+ soldiers then the Ballista might level the town on it’s own while you expand to the east.

Joseph Moon says:

How much does this game cost

GeminiNite says:

more please

Benjamin Leary says:

It’d be cool if you could sound a doomsday whistle or something to have citizens take shelter during an attack. looks odd when they continue working while the horde pours through the wall lol

devak says:

Seems to me like that you need to research stone walls ASAP

Also, well done! seems like a fun game, though the difficulty is cranking up pretty damn fast.

The Psychopath says:

Hey everyone!
So some of the community have been running a small betting ring (Just friendly really) on when we think Odd will survive until. Feel free to throw a comment down below and I’ll add you to it! 😀

So far we have ;

Including the Youtube Comments, we have ;

Psycho – 25
AnimeCrazy – 25
Cloudberry – 27
Warlund – 30
Bloggy Z – 31
SarahAustin – 32
Fatomir – 36
Castellano – 39
Dutchalex – 42
Francisco Martinez – 43
Neaye – 44
Apoc – 45
Lainwolf – 45
Akosombo – 47
Miro – 50
Ryder – 56
Honza – 63
Vinnie – 69
ThorpedoMK3 – 72
Squid – 85
Yunchunsa – 99
Prismacube – 100
Falstro – 420
Deadput – Odd never dies 😉

Hostik says:

What would be cool if this game had “elevation”, like if you drop a tower on a mountain, or just archers, they’d get elevation bonus to range/watch.
Also it would allow to funnel zombies to bottlenecks with towers above them on either side, stuff like that.

Rafael Monteiro says:

you need to expand your base, it’s too claustrophobic, being unable to move soldiers around fast is as dangerous as zombie attacks

Matt F says:

Can’t believe you didn’t know you could upgrade tents to cottages then it was soooo “huge” like come on? You play games for a fucking living dude. Seriously.

Shadow86 says:

The Ballista shoot ”large arrows” also known as javelins game developer.

Daniel Mize says:

“Fishing” cottages go by the water. Not “Hunting” cottages.

Haarba1 says:

looks like if you want to live you need alot more soldierssnipers and stone walls for the 3rd wave 🙂

Matmannen01 says:

Game looks cool and all, but the zombie “hordes” are abit underwhelming. I guess they will include more spectacle as you delve deeper into the game…

MagicSpirit says:

Do you have ‘Don’t starve together’ stream uploaded on YouTube somewhere?

TheProjekton says:


Christian Levesque says:

Your placement of ressources building like food are horrible.

JonathanToolonie says:

THIS IS NOT RIMWORLD! They approach and attack the closest object (unless something is shooting at them).

Samantha Funkhouser says:

@ChristopherOdd Is there ever going to be anymore of “The Witness?” I haven’t found any more parts. Yours is the best one I’ve found! Please upload more if you have it!!

RAYNE0912 says:

If the actual game play is anything like the trailers you’re going to be in trouble very soon I expect, I think the horde size roughly tripling or quadrupling will probably be consistent, maybe increase.

LordDarkhelm says:

You have a gap in your North Western wall.

Marcus Mähring says:

This is fantastic. Love the series!

Daniel Mize says:

Day 4 you should be building a the wood workshop and by day 12 the stone workshop.  I’m not saying you’ll have everything researched but its crucial to push for close to those marks if you want to beat it on 100% or 130%.

Hostik says:

great series Odd

Wikari Wazuto says:

I really want to play this game!

Eric Neiman says:

The heck are those zombies in some sort of “scrum” doing to the N left of the base across the water? Rugby zombies?

K. Michael Prince says:

Is there an Offensive element to this game? Do you ever have to leave the base to destroy a zombie area or something? I’ve always loved RTS games but I hate the missions when I had to build up my base, get my defense all BA, and then leave it all behind to eliminate the enemy on the map. A RTS game where I stay put and defend for as long as possible is exactly what I’ve longed for since I was that 16-year-old nerd staying up until 4am killing Zergs.

counterfett says:

I rarely use walls in RTS and CIV games because they usually don’t work. It’s refreshing to see they made them actually work in a useful fashion in this game. KUDOS!

lord_luba says:

27:59 right side… jumping zombies? the heck…

Heretic Grim says:

This game has the potential for a very good “attack on titan”-mod.

Amairca01 says:

Love it so far odd! Even tho my symmetric syndrome is making me twitchy and itchy because the colony is so disorganized lol

Tyler Fernandes says:

I’m loving this game

darkios 2000 says:

Build a tower on the lake to the north to take out those infected. sooner or later a herd will pass throw and draw those guys as well!

Steve Gardner says:

you should put stake traps on the outside of the walls

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