The Madden 99 Club! | Madden 17 Gameplay | NFL

Check out the newest addition to the Madden 99 Club, Carolina Panthers LB Luke Kuechly. Also, Madden plays from Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski, Texans DE J.J. Watt, and Broncos LB Von Miller! #Madden17 #Madden

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JJ Boosie says:


JayTheSwagGod94 says:

I’m experiencing YouTuber Subscribe I subscribe back #Support

Kiron Foster says:

I’m trying to get Madden 17 for my PlayStation 4

Not a biased Steelers fan! says:

How is Ea not gonna put in the #1 Fantasy draft pick as a 99?

Devante Smith says:

cam might be in the next 2-3yrs

Joe Eliseo says:

Aaron Rodgers? AB?

S3 Buzzy says:

Jaime Collins

Will Hudson says:

Julio Jones and AP

xGunzMontana says:

Tbh Cam, Brady , Rodgers should all be here

Julio Jones#over2000yardsclub#11hunnit says:

me and antonio?

Austin Reed says:

Cam newton
Tom brady
there is a a list to go

DanJam says:

look at my Chanel 🙂

LukasOfficial says:

Where is Kapernick?

Lili Sanchez says:

I like how people think that von is the best linebacker because of two games don’t get me wrong he’s a great player but you can’t judge a prayers ability on physical attributes look at bo Jackson ,to me bo Jackson is extremely overhyped he never had a season with 1000 yards and people thinks he’s one of the best of all time but he’s not

Rhett Odenweller says:

Todd gurley

Omargamer456 Beast says:

Odell Odell Odell

Clorox Bleach says:


Dontdoittoyoself says:

People get hyped for this bullshit but every time we go next gen there’s gameplay issues. The controls will never be as responsive as it was on the PS2/xbox 360 genre. But people hop on the new gen train when in reality the game is not getting better and never will. So let EA have the NFL license forever because these puppets get what they deserve.

Danny Alvarado says:


NavyGunFreak 2016 says:

khalil mack! Jones or brown too

I Heat Everything says:

Surprised Cam isn’t on here

DeSean Jackson #D-Jax #11Hunnit says:

Odell Beckham will be 99

Lili Sanchez says:

von miller doesnt deserve the 99 he was mediocre in the regular season and the only reason he got that card was because of all the bandwagon
broncos fan

Ahats says:

I just fricken pulled 88 Cam Newton from a pro pack in MM

Jack Luibel says:

They need AB

M.C. Brown says:

Am I the only one who still thinks JJ Watt looks really bad in this game?

100% real Russell Wilson says:

Russell Wilson is next

Tyler Potter says:

who knows how the speed rating relates to last year? is there another curve down or up?

Jonny Brown says:

if kuechly is 99, then brandon marshall from Denver should be 99.

AlaskanAthlete says:

some one from lob

Carlos Colon says:

84…enough said

Edward Orwell says:

I still don’t understand why EA doesn’t allow you to choose any position you may want to play. for an example, I can be the next JJ Watt at the defensive lineman position in connected franchise yet I cannot be the next Jonathan Ogden at the left tackle position. the last best Madden was Madden 2007.

Black Irish says:

mark sanchez all the way!!!

Raidenx147 says:

JJ Watt is and should be a 100+. Miller who has missed 8 games in his career has an Amazing 60 sacks with Justin Houston slightly behind him. JJ has 74.5 sacks since 2011. Ducking Crazy!

Rhys Higginson says:

How does an MVP not get 99? I’m not a cam fanboy or a panthers fan but come on logic?

Berserker Beast says:

Aaron Donald deserved the 99, 98 is not good enough for him

My name is says:

were khalil mack at

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