The Kindred Gameplay Test Drive (Voxel Sandbox City-Builder)

Let’s take The Kindred (very Early Access!) out for a quick test drive! Refer to the official website ( or Steam store page ( for more info!
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About The Kindred:

Start with the bare essentials and lead the Kin’s upstart civilization to peace and prosperity. Explore new lands, discover resources, grow plants and raise animals to grow your village. Survive through the harsh winters, devastating diseases, sweltering heat, and myriad other challenges posed by an unforgiving procedural world.

Build, craft and farm your way towards civilization as you help the Kin to survive and thrive.

Current Features:

Create Together: Survive solo or build with friends as you construct your city and shape your world block by block. (Multiplayer is currently a feature in progress and you may experience connectivity issues and it can be unstable. We are working hard on updating and refining it throughout development.)
The Industrial Evolution: Power your village with wind turbines and design an efficient electrical network.
Hunter Gatherer: Hunt and herd animals into paddocks to supply your people with meat, eggs and milk.
Breed & Feed: Manage farms with crops, breed and care for your animals and balance production to keep your Kin fed.

Future Roadmap:

The Circle of Life: Create the ideal environment for families to form and flourish – a complete lifecycle.
The Modern Trade: Modern tool upgrades for experienced craftsmen, including chainsaws, jackhammers, and nail guns.
Climate & Seasons: Construct heaters and air conditioning units to combat the effects of hypothermia and heat exhaustion.
Unique Biomes: An ever-expanding world, with woodlands, desert, alpine and more to come.
Energy: Power your cities with solar panels, coal power plants and other ways both green and dangerous.
Health and diseases: Craft medicines to heal sickness like influenza or food poisoning.
Hydration and Water: One of the most basic needs of life.
Predator and Prey: Protect your livestock from foxes, and encounter dangerous beasts.


Alison Waters says:

more more

SkyCraft Zheng says:

rip crashlands……… 🙁

The Pilot Penguin says:

who remembers his fallout4 series so sad that it died

Foxy Mitre says:

Lego worlds

K O m. E Kemokem says:

Play it when it’s done!

TamorrLW says:

I almost forgot about this one. Glad to see something on it, and looks well. This one I myself been watching here and there, but my bookmarks got reset recently, so will have to gather them again. Looks like decent progress, and can see that being well in the long run.

And as to your mention of Timber & Stone, it is based in storage items primarily and not a dragging stockpile style. From what I have seen anyway. Still all the titles mentioned are quite lovely, and nice to see others just as good. 😀

The Fire Snipers says:

Are you done with slime archers, I really miss it.

Mntdewmania says:

hmmmmmmmm kind of a Creativerse Lego minecrafty feel Might be worth it to keep an eye on this one for sure!! Thanks paul. I hope you know how much I appreciate these reviews. They save me a lot of time and to be honest money. I hope you know how much all your hard work and effort are appreciated <3

Maria Perez says:

Paul I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining but what happened to Skyrim

doriebrooke says:

PAul, do you think you could make or bring back another Craft the World series? I remember watching the old series and I just watched some a couple of days ago. I think it’s a good game and it’s probably improved since you played and maybe gotten harder.

GeneralWonkyDog says:

Good video

Yang Koete says:


Kerry sulham says:

plz make more of these videos

DS Studios says:

ok, usually I hate when people say things like I’m about to say, but looks like cubeworld!

samantha bascomb says:

I wish this were free… I just got a ps3 and am bored and broke. save me.

Josh Jacobs says:

Yo, Paul u NEED to check out an amazing game called Kingdom Come Deliverance. its not on steam(yet) but its full release is estimated for mid-summer. But yeah amazing game in my opinion and i think its right up your ally!

Bolicob IV says:

woah, this game looks similar to a game idea i had.

Random Adam says:

Stonehearth and Rimworld had a baby! Isn’t it cute? I like the looks but that UI looks awful at the moment, so click heavy. I might keep an eye on it though

njexd5421 games says:

Too similar to stone hearth

EchoTheDragon says:

what happened to Rimworld? or did i miss something? sorry if i did.

izombie 0918 says:

I was wondering why you sounded sick, then you said it was Monday XD I don’t like Mondays either

TheRealRevan 772 says:

Paul, what happened to rimworld

Sas Kajus says:

I Thought It Was LoL Gameplay Of Kindred(Champion) xD

Chris Delacruz says:

make it a sieies

NightFuryis11 Games says:

PSJ Since MC 1.9 is out, you should start a new Survive and Thrive seires.

happy- trigger says:

it is a remix of minecraft :p

Dark Star Kitten says:

Why only a tutorial

Pizza Prince says:


SmokeInTheWaters says:

How much does it cost again?

SkyCraft Zheng says:

its dangerusly like Timber and wood by the looks of it….

Edison Xie says:

Where’s Rimworld and Fallout

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