THE INDUSTRIAL AREA! – Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic (CITY BUILDER TYCOON GAME)

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Gameplay
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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is the ultimate real-time soviet-themed city builder tycoon game. Construct your own republic and transform a poor country into a rich industrial superpower!

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GGMikhal says:

I miss cities skyline 🙁

Blitzkrieg says:

Not your money, OUR money

MaziReich Mapper says:

Communist Utopia detected..

Dylan says:

i think you might need a lot more people for all those factories to work 100%

Admiral Dept says:

Has he connect the road he deleted from the beginning of ep 1 yet? The one which connects with the outer world.

Anti-Communist of Deutschland Empire says:

hahaha,i stole your economy to west germany

marusak72 says:

Somebody stole all our money …. its not a bug its a feature of (any) Soviet Republic

Nirmal Karmakar says:


Michelle Obama says:

your voice is very soothing

GaborBartal says:

Thanks so much for this, clicked in the middle, realized it has conveyor belt system
That alone is enough for me to try it. The initial pics and short vids of the game weren’t too promising, seemed like a generic, simplified, square based layout game, this video changes everything 🙂

LOBY TV says:

We want Cities skylines to continue! 🙂

mitchell cooper says:

what happened to banished?

Storm says:

OUR industrial area

Slavjan says:

Where I grew up we had around 25 prefabs with 64 living units each (2+1 and 3+1 – in each 3 people lived in average) in 1km square area. They were build around community center with all the services, doctors, shops, groceries and even elementary school basically adjacent to it. The bus picked up people in that community center too. One bus linr to city center where administration and malls lies. Second bus line towards transport systems for longer distances like trains and big buses. Third line went to north industrial cluster. These prefab blocks are basically towns within the town built specifically to feed industrial cluster with workers. Oh! And atomic bunker under all of this to facilitate over 1000 people.

Jon Pilchard says:

the glorious cement plant is not a monstrosity it is beautiful

Joseph Mottram says:


Макс Пауэр says:

Жду с нетерпением! Хардкорные стратегии давно не выходили! Ура товарищи!

oh yeah yeah says:

No city skylines??????

andyisyoda says:

Such detail and complexity in this game! But you showed if you stick with it what can be achieved. Great episode comrade.

Devin Booth says:

“we need education…” *continues to place bushes 😀 I love your non existent face dude, keep up the great content Keralis!

Daniël Zon says:

“Only” 2:30 minutes to say goodbye today xD #LoveIt

XJDaniel says:


Slavjan says:

I cannot wait for you to do serious playthrough! Although your design is not far different from place I grew up

Paul Kurz says:

24:42 literally what the soviet union did lol

Dawn Gubb says:


RandomHomellesGuy says:

>Builds electrified railways
>Uses diesel locomotives

Why you do this Keralis?

Elijah Forbes says:

Do more anno 1800

Luc!fer says:


Vlambulance says:

Make more dawn of man ! What happened to the episode? I can’t wait to play it myself so i love to watch you play it !

TheCriminalViolin says:

This game is best game – KGB’s Friendly Neighborhood Agent

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