The Elder Scrolls Online Full Movie Game – Cinematic Trailer / All Cutscenes

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Hassan Musa says:

Wait are those Daedras?

rudi sampurna says:

what game this is Ps3 or Ps4..
did someone knoow

Tres Tabernae Alsace/Détection/Loisir says:


Richárd Ódor says:

Well that was a bit pointless. Doesn’t make sense at all…

thenateos says:

Somewhere between Diablo and Dragon Age, The Elder Scroll’s identity is lost.

Chace Do says:

Hum… Are they aware that Legion is about to come out ? I know deadras are fun and all but the fucking Legion has more story is more badass and… Oh yeah, Elder scrolls online fucking sucks

Andrés Fernando says:

lo mejor es que sólo luchan y no hablan. bkn

vance perkins says:


Casual Gamer says:

This is like the Battlefield Hardline of the Elder Scrolls series. Yeah it may look kinda cool but in reality it’s like the disowned younger brother who is a crack addict. In this case a money addict. Looks way worse than Skyrim and was really just a way for another company other than Bethesda to milk the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Тимур Вернеев says:

WoW, cool! =)

salauddin joy says:

Salauddin joy

Cartney84 Ian says:

i will buy a tickets if you make this real movie!

Romeo Awas says:


Ennis Jones says:

And not one Redguard, Dark Elf, or Orc in sight…

rainilson souza says:

muito bom pena que e um jogo se fosse um filme seria o filme.

Gabrielemantovani Bardusco says:

muito lokoo *0*

piter parker says:

Cinematic blizard

MrMudNugget says:

always the god damn same. Spending more money on the trailer than the actual game.

بشار1 بحبك يحلا تراك says:


Szymura Adrian says:

lol is Young

Janniel Butal says:

funny video

無怨 says:


Mr. Magician says:


Kevin Brown says:

Bommm demaaaixx

Mournforthelost96 says:

too bad the game sucked ass.

Elsever Mamedov says:

canVar iqrasi

ivan kamilçu says:


nito bmc says:


Zina Zina says:

.ув ющь

Morok History says:

Ага,блять 4100 за игру и + подписка 1100 рублей в год)

Гриша / says:

шо за тупое гавно я лицизрел ? жирный мог просто пернуть и усе враги бы здохли. и что етой шлюхе мешало сразу цепи сломать а ни ждать ?? народ все тупет и тупет вы гавноеды тупые ? или вам нравиться когда вас  гавном кормят ??

Rxonmymind says:

Wimps need not apply. A group of hard core fighters. She was absolutely owning them.

ivan kamilçu says:


jerome dado says:

its reminds me of log horizon.

Santos Gamer says:

Amazing game



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