The Crew: Wild Run – Part 23 – EPIC SKI JUMP RACE! (Walkthrough / Gameplay)

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Cody says:

You know what I hate? when you’re getting oral sex and the guy’s wife looks in threw the car window.

godgiverm says:

Can I play with you on the crew some time??

John Sampson says:

Tmart have you checked out the update for need for speed it’s got new hot rods

Subscribe to FaTaL KnighT says:

The drift trail is like the first drift race in the parking lot in f&tf tokyo drift

Captain Catnip says:

Trevor, your gameplay is clear, but your face is blurry. Old camera mabye?

Karsten says:

Ur fucking bad

Darren Foo says:

why drift a boat…

Daniels Gaming says:

Dear Tmartn can you please send me a gun or knife in csgolotto please im nust getting started with the game and hope uou can help if you can its danielale5

Sexy Lumberjack says:

trevor are you ever going to show us your setup before you move you said you would but you never did, saw a glimpse of it in another vid and really liked it show us before u move pls

Angel Ongyan says:

TREVOR you can drift because you don’t brake and you go in to fast!!!

You’re still awesome

Kyle Gillespie says:

“Oh they started me off in first,” yeah they did cause you’re a baller trev 😉 Keep up to good work!!

Arch Fiend says:

Do you not have a circuit spec car? or can you just not use it? Because they are the second fastest cars in the game and i feel like you should be using it sometimes. This isn’t a comment for this ep alone I just watched 5 in row.

Trey boy says:

Trev the kind of dude to wash his eyes out with sope after he gets sope in his eyes

Kevin says:



ps4 controller lag is not controller lag. the bleutooth / infrared sensor is the problem. i called up sony and they told me to put the ps4 closer to where is play. so i put of like 1 foot away from me. i had less trouble but it still exist. i called again. they told me they had more complaints about this problem. there might be a fail in then ps4. they told me to go to the store where i bought it and get it shipped for repairs. but i have yet to do that


Or maybe go back to Xbox where there is no problems like that

CHN Benny says:


Meerkatman says:

Tmartn that type of guy to think big macs are big smgs

Walter White says:

This game is butt.

Niklas Dalberg says:

5:37 Yeah right Trev

BrooksBrewer says:

How much is this game? It looks early access.

Peter De Luna says:

Trevor get the kontrol freels for drifting it makes it way easier to drift and it really helps

Faster than Light says:

To be honest, I faced the PS4 controller < ---------- and the PS ---------->

Alvin Bagabo says:

Tmartn you said you want to play some gta races then play some gta

Samuel McGill says:

2:08.314 not 34 silly billy

Alan Ali says:


h2oDrEW says:

…..where is GTA????

Morgan Layton says:

Trev you a beast but when you drift try to slow down a little before a turn . Hope this helps

Final Gaming says:

don’t go too fast when you are drifting

Kevin says:

Your not suppose to hold the gas while you drift you tap it while your at a good speed

Sevastion Fox says:

Go Dislike my Most Recent Video.. its so awful..

xbroken andhatedx says:

Will you play the game called the culling it is an awesome game and you would enjoy it

Deandre Powell says:

you start to far or on the drifts start farther in and drift out

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