The BEST Game I’ve EVER Played! | Farpoint FPS VR Gameplay!

Farpoint is the BEST game I’ve ever played. Farpoint is a FPS VR game which puts you directly into the game in a virtual reality space with project morpheus. VR gaming is a HUGE thing and I can’t wait to bring you Farpoint gameplay.

Big thanks to PlayStation UK:

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Spaceninjax says:

You dont know the name of the game with the “BIG CAT” lmao…why u even at E3?

Tec Cook says:

come on man well second

Rock Steel says:

that is the most informative video

CoOk1e MoNsTeR500 says:

That pause lol

SgtXEnculatorx10 says:

Damn, i wish that i was with you man

routari says:

Doesn’t give a fuck about the subject, just wants to be YouTube famous.

Arien Van Stralen says:

Had you really never heard of The Last Guardian!? Don’t let Trico hear you say that!

The Nickness says:

The Fuck?! This isn’t a Farpoiny gameplay you dumbass

mclarenrob2 says:

Best game you’ve ever played, seriously? Have you not played The Last Of Us or GTA V ?

Gay lord says:

loooool he didnt know what to say

Oliver Cass says:

Hopefully the psmove sharpshooter peripheral will work. Bought it for killzone 3 and never used it again.

DjSuperK says:

People hype the last guardian wayyyyy to much!

Babymetal Kawaii says:

Sony Forever

2JZ_IS3 says:

Is that the the one with the flying fox ?

Ibrahim Guerzize says:

wow so cool you the best need subs plz if any one wont

Vexilitio - gaming/vlogs/Q&A's says:

Agreed like the last of us is as good as god

Gamer93 H says:

I just played the playstation vr today!! Its pretty great!! Thr only cons I have are the wires being really annoying and light leaking in fom outside

Mathias Jensen says:


MOUNIA Ghouati says:

I thought they don’t let you show the gameplay because it’s top secret gameplay

Adam Graffis says:

I really do not like the gun they have for VR

Trueking says:

this guy, I came for farpoint and Instead I got 7 minutes of crap, he says more about the game in the video description than he does at all in the video, and in the description he calls playstation VR project morpheus, when we known the name for so many months

Marc richards says:

Do u have a bro called Joe Durkin Wight coz I’m his friend and he says ur his bro

Fuel Coma says:

Great video Wizz this was AWSOME:D

ReeseCup Gamer says:

He just out Loz breath of the wild….

CragScrambler says:

literally the whitest guy at E3

Francisco Javier Otero Ferradás says:

WTF is this crap and what only second is Farpoint related?

Tec Cook says:


HowiiE says:


john doe says:

im gonna buy this game this October and the journey as well..

Monster says:

PSVR LOOKS PROMISING. I love ps games. but I’m just not to sure about the VR. but looks amazing.

Black Hammer says:

First motha fuckas

bro swan says:

does anyone else think he looks like crowley from supernatural

Atomic Munchies says:

How do you think thats a cat? Its a bird dog. totally not any more ridiculous XD

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