THE AVENGERS PROJECT Trailer (2018) PS4 / Xbox One / PC – Avengers Game

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Release date : 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC
© 2017 – Square Enix

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Galo Maricalva says:

the time of stupid american superheroes were over 50 years ago…..
Pd: Tekken Marvel edition NO THANKS it’s better mortal combat ; )

Papa Lord says:

imagine this game with Just cause gameplay omfg

shamlan khaled says:

Something like overwatch maybe,

Wat says:

So basically, Heroes Never Die?

The Texas Tech-hand says:

yea boiii

BlazinNSoul says:

Square Enix doing Avengers hmm. We do live in strange times apparently. Who knows it could work I suppose. Marvel has a pretty good track record. So we’ll just have to wait and see how this unfolds. 🙂

Panopticon says:

*So, $queenix is dumping **_Deus Ex_** for this shit?*

*B O R I N G*

fromanDg says:

I’m sorry…what?

赵日天 says:

That’s it???

ชัยณรงค์ ชัยณรงค์ says:

This game is gonna have a very graphics I believe that

Deepak kumar singh says:

lara croft joins avengers 😀

Silver Knyght says:

WHAT part of this is a trailer? its a shitty teaser

DamagedJoker says:

Eeeerrrmm….alright, I was expecting a little more but alright, Im hyped!!!

K AK says:

we didn’t see any thing ?

AkiraTheGodEater says:

this so awesome

Cerebral Assasn says:

it’s probaly gonna be like a dc universe game or a creat a super hero rpg

monkeyXmonkey says:

…I know…that one day Aangs gonna save the world…..

Entertainment says:

Best game of 2017???

JmanBee13 says:

MMO? or standalone?

Brock says:

I don’t know, part of me is excited to play a Marvel game but part of me is REALLY sick and tired of everything being about The Avengers….

The movies is all about Avengers, that’s all they are…

Spider-Man is cool but same deal for him, it’s time to make more games about different characters, instead of the same old thing.

World of Games says:

<-- Gaming Trailer :)



GameNewsOfficial says:

So… What do you expect from this game ?

lucas 42 says:

FUCKING FINNALY an aparently good marvel game

Cortex says:

Square enix,eidos,making an avengers game?!? This will be AMAZING! Unless it gets cancelled cause of bullshit like that avengers game with thq in 2012

Aren says:

This trailer is just so empty

Kevin Guillaume says:

You had me at Square Enix

Will Challoner says:

I hope this isn’t like DCUO

jayden brown says:

his this a real trailer…

Mango Lover says:

is it like the avengers game we had on the PS2? :O

Grandimations says:

YEEEAAAAH-Is it gonna be on Switch?

Milly Sousa says:

a marvel é foda

Jaxson Cole says:

I hope u can transform to Bruce banner and hulk and do the same with any super hero like that like iron man it will be so cool to transform in midair into Hulk or the iron suit

maycrash dub says:

please make this an open world / adventure game . not fighting

oOHayatoOo says:

OUTRO SONG PLEASE ????????????????????

War. says:

Ohhh shit

treymapimp says:

Please stop releasing trailers for things that won’t come out for over a year.

Zach Davenport says:

Since Sony owns Spider-man. will it allowed Spider-man to be in this game

Techno Gaming says:

fighting same as injustic

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