Team Fortress 2 Gameplay | Psyload Race | Episode 512

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troupo js says:


M.C. says:

Good to see people don’t just watch TF2 on this channel anymore. Good for u Ardy..

Uncle Drunk says:

I almost did the same

Dylan Keller says:

Ardy thank you so much for playing this much tf2 I could tell where you you were coming from on episode 500

Superscout101 says:

ardy will you be doing an un boxing

Oprah Spinfrey says:

luv u ardy

Berk Canli says:

You tf2 pro my steam name berkscene add

Unknown Uk says:

Great video Ardy 🙂

Random Fanboy says:

how the fuck do you make a normal game witch is some times boring extremely entertaining TELL ME!!!!!!

scuba steve says:

Ardy you spelled payload in the title wrong btw

pieboy mega says:

give me a shout out and i will sub

Zyab says:

Why do you make the titles like that?

Skaterboy says:

What scattergun skin do you use?



Sohrabtheimpaler says:


Cloud says:

keep up the good work

UprisenGamer says:



why are people always tryna heal ardy just to be in the vid

Sheikh Abdullah says:

ardy i love your videos but make a begineer guide for tf2

Lord Cheesepuff says:

jk lol 🙂 gtg

Sanoku says:

Psyload race?? Ardy fix the title lol

xxxGpakos says:

ardy. i think tf2 is almost dead what do you think

Ollie T. says:


MCSG Sheep says:

Im glad u didnt quit tf2 like others

Sam de Wit says:

“Psyload Race” hahaha you made a spelling mistake 🙂

Luke says:

Yo Ardy, i was asking, how do you have blood on katana when you kill someone, and i don’t?

bluegreen10000 says:

I don’t mind the “quality” of the videos as much as I enjoy ‘you being you’ (wether it be happy, poopy, or all around weird)

TurtleKicks says:

Great video man! keep up the good work! I’ve been watching your channel for 4 years now, love to watch your channel progressing so much!

TyT Beast says:

Ardy tell us ur steam name i want to add u because ur pro plz


how did you get your fov like that? mine is maxed out but really close

HD_CORE says:

Nice gameplay Ardy

Dylan R. says:

I’m sorry, Ardy. I don’t know what I keep doing. 🙁

Grandom Weebish says:

Ardy sounds like a schoolgirl

fabulous hitler says:

ardy i want your babies (no homo)

Maki Harukawa is satan says:

Ardy senpai notice me

Stefan Zugic says:

you speld psyload insted of payload

Lax Axl says:

This guy has so many episodes on Team Fortress 2 oh my goodness XD

Darkness Prime says:

can you make mayflower case opening video?

WarfledSigns says:

PSY’s new official album: PSYload Race

Max Charters says:

I love psyload race

Myszon Zadrożny says:

Title:”…psyload…” 😐

Tim Ermias says:

Lmao I was 69th liker

Uncle Drunk says:

You spelled payload wrong lol

Benjamin Funes says:

In team fortress 2 i’m a free to play 🙁

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