TAMING GOATS & BUILDING WALLS! – Dawn of Man Gameplay – Prehistoric City Building Game

Taming Goats and Building Walls in Dawn of Man Gameplay

Finishing the walls of our prehistoric civilization in Dawn of Man gameplay and then taming goats with the domestication skill! This Prehistoric building game just got real now that we have walls and goats. Raiders will no longer be able to get into our colony and our goats are safe! What will SpyCakes come up with next for his prehistoric city?

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About Dawn of Man Gameplay:

“Command a settlement of ancient humans, guide them through the ages in their struggle for survival up to a civilization in this new Prehistoric city building game . Hunt, gather, craft tools, fight, research new techs and face the challenges the environment will throw at you in this game. This is a new city builder game and you are the builder!”

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Andreas Nedelcu says:

Are you going to ever play the forest?

Jordan Lesure says:

I love this game

Chiken Tornado 97 says:


Amanda Petrich says:

When is this coming out?

Ootih Casper says:

Amazing spy! So Cool!

Andreas Nedelcu says:

I love your vids

arif aditiya says:


Dittony Kee says:

Wow you tame a goat!

johnwolfYT says:

Name your settlement: FortCakes!

jared di villa says:

More down of man

WenKang Tan says:

Hope they update to marksman hehe

zyprian khaylle C, barrameda says:

awesome vid spy I like this game

brianne sanchez says:

I like more

alejandro mendez says:

And seep

Gamerboy123 Zedrickboy says:

Hey spy remember gamingzed that’s me i just make another account I will sub you

Amanda Petrich says:


Jackson says:


Elliott Hanna says:

can you have sheep

Nina Sirois says:

spycakes keep play plz

Charles Smith says:


louiens kie says:

Please dont stp playing this

haikal abdillah says:

spycakes why you don’t play roblox?

Gaming Panda YT says:

More plz

Nicole Watson says:

hi spy i love your viteo,s and i woch you on my xbox 1 and my labtop pls mack more vitos and i can,t spell rite

Ethanator Mater says:

Maybe build more sleds so more people can carry things

SpyCakes says:

Taming goats and finishing the walls in our Dawn of Man colony! What would you like me to work towards next in Dawn of Man?

Sumithra B says:

cow babies please

Oskar Mills says:

i want more dawn of man!!!

Doggy Dog says:

I like the dogs

Michelelee Leehoffman says:

keep up the good work

Asmr Blow says:

Have u seen the Australian Open(tennis event thing) because Canada won against Switzerland and it was AMAZING! GO CANADA!!!

Ethan Roberts says:

Awesome vid spy, keep it up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Marc Juguilon says:

Get to cavalry

Kain Gage says:

I love dawn of man

Amanda Petrich says:

Bad idea to put the stables on the outside of the walls Raiders kill your animals.

zari saleh says:

Can you play dawn of man

Haley Hogeland says:

Spy make a episode tomorrow

benny cung says:

sorry I’m so late becuase I have S.A.T
and I think your village is turning into a city is there mine becuase next episode I want to let you mine 🙂

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