Table Top Racing: World Tour Gameplay Walkthrough – MICRO MACHINES

Table Top Racing: World Tour Gameplay Walkthrough – MICRO MACHINES

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bljrlj says:

good game for relaxation. would be even better with split screen multiplayer.

David Dosa says:

It’s basically ReVolt Remastered 😀

unknown x2 says:

do some bully

Saif Albadry says:

hey Scott how many games you have

WinterFazeRunner Gaming says:

I think you should have gotten the truck because I checked ratings it’s better and I came first with it

Dragos Pahontu says:

GameRiot can only be good at 3 year old games. Of you call this good.

dylan jack says:

If I was to start a channel who would subscribe to me

mrmystical88 says:

I downloaded it but haven’t played it yet. Is it awesome?

Georgia Wingett says:


Hudson Stronck says:

you missed so many short cuts

GlassHalfFool says:

Ridiculously bad game.

Miguel Bordon says:

Micro machines
Never seen one
Of those since
I was 8

Veyooh says:

congrats on 700k!!!!

Twangy Sugar says:

Nice vid, i like this game and Tropica. they’re really fun to play, especially when you’re just bored or friends arent on

sergio sanchez says:


Evan Merwin says:

I loved micro machines so I might try this

troll tester says:

Do some more battleborn!

CydoniaKnight22 says:

You missed the Breaking Bad reference on the RV.

W.S music Production says:

kitchen level reminds me of Toy Story on ps1 and sega 😀

Mr Burger Lets Play says:

14-15 hours isn’t long

tfdsjunbkkn dyudssiiikndsui says:

reminds me of hotwheels back in the days !

MJ 7 says:

Where is ufc

BlazeNightflame101 says:

this game while it may not seem like it, it can become fast paced with the cars like street cars and especially super cars, with cool shortcuts too this game gets crazy fun!

monkeyskull1 says:

This game looks like smite with cars. Complete shit I bet you can’t change your own tire.

James says:

Do you have a upgraded hard drive for your ps?

Ariq Prayogo says:

is there a splitscreen?

dark2deeds says:

its pants bad game

D-Kay Official says:

This game looks like a lot of fun I’m now waiting for it to download. Love the videos you do Scott brilliant. Also is your ps4 username TheGameRiot I kind of wanna race you on Table Top Racing & Need For Speed my Skyline on NFS is a beast! lol

Josh Mojica says:

I recently downloaded this as well and it’s a really good game in my opinion, it’s like a bootlegged Mario kart

Logix - 020202 says:

I do table top vids

Chronicle Squirell says:

I do vids on loads of games but mostly table top sub to me if I get 30 subs I’ll do a challenge/dare

I get u triggered. says:

+GameRiot more bully 🙂 plz?

stephen doan says:

It’s yo sushi, not Yo Yo sushi

JeanCarlos Trukerboy says:

can you play this on xbox or pc??

Seán Meehan says:

This reminds me of ModNation Racers,this is a great game.

FieryEasy says:

This looks really fun! Reminds me of one of those flash games from and other such sites 😀

صهيب المكدمي says:

player 2 or no

Jeremy Coleman says:

I miss the good old days when 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place was an adequate mark of achievement for anything car related. Or how about just counting the number of lives you had when you completed a level… Or even just completing the level to start with! Ever since Angry Birds took off every other mobile game implemented a 3-star rating system. Now I have to deal with this same garbage in console games. 🙁

bljrlj says:

good game for relaxation. would be even better with split screen multiplayer.

Monkey says:

You can get this now? I’ma go download it 🙂

Josh2Cascada2 says:

How do you get the mini??

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