Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer

Super Mario Odyssey sees Mario leave the Mushroom Kingdom to go on a new sandbox-style journey! Coming to Nintendo Switch Holiday 2017.

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xman9amin9 says:

looks like its going to be fun to speedrun

Gumball i Inne Parodie says:

plz Realse on android

Luma says:

He goes around the world, just la la la la la ! xD

Dj Game Over says:

:v coming sun mario adventure 2

Stephano Rosenfeld says:

This Game looks very Amazing !!!

DylanTenshi says:

1:41 *MAAARIOOOOOOO* 10th anniversary… It starts to be annoying. Do you have trouble recording another?

Dougcooljitzu y Axol el grande says:

i think for the next mario anniversary title nintendo can bring back the NES mario from super mario bros but in hd and bring modern mario into the other mario games from the past like in sonic generations but different.NES mario gameplay is in 2d and modern mario’s gameplay is in 3d. Also with other characters like luigi,peach,professor e.gadd,dk,wario,bowser,daisy,rosalina,3rd mario brother(if its released),toad and yoshi(no waluigi cause he sucks). The returning games will be:Super mario bros 1,Super mario bros 3,super mario world,super mario 64,super mario sunshine,super mario galaxy,super mario 3d land,super mario 3d world and (if its good) super mario odyssey. the only bosses that can be in the game to killl them,metal mario,green silver luigi,pink gold peach and bowser.

XDHGX Debangshu says:

“ its me a Mario….!!!! “

Idres Gurashi says:

I’m surprised how he gets to ride a lion!

邱小元 says:

Different of other mario games.

ItsHaleyGorsage #1 DANCE MOM FAN says:

It looks like peach did the Kylie Jenner lip challenge

MeralMiral says:

this is basically Grand theft mario


thebestgame ever says:

Este juego es hermoso igual que tu hermana ❤️❤️❤️❤️

TurtyTheTurtle says:

The parental controls video was longer than this…

Anthony Ianitello says:

The first Mario-themed hat simulator!

Ethan Radd says:

They should remove that GTA IV level, it’s really ugly and clashes with Mario’s cartoonish asthetics, even the forest level is a bit ugly, the more cartoonish levels are just beautiful

Chibi -.- says:

the lion was lit

tacodestryr 118 says:

ssssssssssoooooooooooowhen’s it coming out?


If there is not a Princess “Peaches” joke in the city I will be disappointed.

d zotta says:

this is just sonic with a mario texture pack on.Really Nintendo,you are trying to trick your fans

DJScrafty Productions says:

So Bowser became a pimp? Interesting…

Pikachu Lover says:

This game is one player

cobalt- chan. says:

60fps? Nintendo must’ve really outdone themselves.

Andrew Nguyen says:

Mario Jumpman Mario was arrested in Brooklyn, New York by 3 officers after multiple counts of jaywalking, reckless endangerment, trespassing, and the death of a taxi driver and a passenger. Mario was sentenced to 10 years of prison and 10 months of community service.

abidik gubbidik says:

0:12 Sonic Adventure , anyone ? ? ?

toad says:

When i saw the pedestrians i started to imagine mario jumping up on their heads and crushing their skulls with his powerful legs. Too bad Nintendo would never make a mario game where you can do that.

Michael Mannucci says:

This is a terrible idea… Like something some single dudein his basement would do on Unity.

And it looks like Gamecube graphics.

William leon anzules says:

1:51 RIP Yoshi :'(

Burdboy says:

And to think sonic forces is releasing alongside this game….

MrJimmyMan says:

Mario Odyssey = Retarted GTA 6

xXBrianatorXx says:

The new gta 6 game XD

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