It’s time to simulate/predict Super Bowl 51 on NFL Tour. EVERY SINGLE playoff game has been correctly predicted by this series, and there is only one game left.
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My NFL Tour gameplay sims were a lot of fun on my main channel. They’re a perfect fit for my 2nd channel now, and I want to post them throughout the playoffs. And just maybe, I’ll make a short series on this game.

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Scott Storey says:

Not even the Patriots are immune from the NFL Tour predictions.

John Smith says:


The Irish empire JP says:

jason taylor baby yess

L39acy says:

Go #Falcons

Guti del crackovia says:

the falcons blew a 25 point lead lol lol lol lol

JessesSwamp Jr says:

I hope the patriots win

Mario Taylor says:

Actually everybody’s nemesis is the Cowboys lol


I think the Falcons will win 34-31

MayhoYoda says:

Falcons 98
Patriots 3

Joey Lehmkuhl says:

31-28 Falcons

Logan McGee says:

Am I the only person that likes the patriots this video and the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl so yeah


I think BB or Jack Del Rio deserved coach of the year, but I agree with the other rewards. I do think Boselli should have have the HoF.

Zach Nemitz Myer says:

Cane this is insane lol its looking like this is gonna be true

Cyril Moore says:

atl 38 pats 17

lucency says:

We can’t blame NFL Tour for getting this one wrong. Nobody saw a 25-point comeback to tie the game and win in the first ever OT Super Bowl.

Ty Manning says:

WOW you might get a 100%

Caleb Mathis says:

You let me down.

Mr. Magic says:

It’s not even close to the real thing

Norman Watson says:


abbott lowell says:

as a pats fan this is like the 4th worst day of my life

Maliek Love says:

10-1 sorry

Cyril Moore says:

Atlanta falcons

TheOriginalDante MA-Kaus says:

Patriots: 34
Falcons: 21

firstname lastname says:

dammit cane why’d you have to predict this right too…

Marshall Wells says:

I came here for the “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” 11:21

Wolverine Logan says:

This Prediction is wrong

zacharySBG axb says:


Duffman says:

All this undefeated talk has you looking like the 18-0 Patriots and we all know how that ended.

Samuel Woloson says:

Spoiler Alert: He is now 11 for 11 on Tour

Jacob Pena says:

Terrelle Owens got robbed of the HOF again he should have been first ballot smh

Bmankelley5 says:

Covered all of your prediction bases lol

Gerry says:

I used to hate that u played this, but now I’m weirdly interested by its perfect predicting (and it is kind of fun not gonna lie)

seahawk97838 says:

34-24 Falcons

Cyril Moore says:

matt ryan mvp baby

Nicholas Skakal says:

Bigger choke:
Falcons in SB51
Cane’s NFL Tour predictions?

mahonykid13 says:

Falcons to win 35-31

Tony Romo #9 Boyz6rings #clutch #RGIIITrash says:


Thomas Michael says:

Even though you only do this during playoffs can you make one every week of the regular season just for fun?

Mr Jimmy says:

Falcons 31-27

Gamer G says:

I hope the Falcons Win

Jonathan Hill says:

31-20 falcons

Ian Winston says:

That’s one good prediction. Go Falcons

Tyler Reindel says:

24-17 pats

Known Donut29 says:

I’m sorry you were wrong Cane but WE WON! Never doubt the GOAT.

Matt Wallach says:

i was actually nervous as hell watching this because i have so much faith in this

TeddyDJ324 says:

Finally got it wrong

Dalton Gilmore says:


Weeb Stick says:

patriots lead the best comeback in a history but MrHurricane predict wrong. I’m so torn

James Hicks says:

33-31 Falcons

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